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Interviews: Rise of Kunark: Creature Feature Part Two

By Jon Wood on November 13, 2007

Rise of Kunark: Creature Feature Part Two


What exactly is a Fishman?

Tony "Vhalen" Garcia:

In Norrath, a fishman is an aggressive bipedal amphibian. Although they may look primitive or even amusing at first glance, they are quite dangerous and best avoided. Fishman communities are highly organized and efficient. Their true name is Yha-lei, but most Norrathians just call them fishmen.



What sets the Fishman apart from other fantasy MMO mobs?

Tony "Vhalen" Garcia:

The Yha-lei, fishmen, are deep sea worshipers of Prexus, the Oceanlord. As followers of a sea god, they live to serve him. Every facet of their life revolves around paying homage to this sea god. Without a god to follow, the fishman society would fall into chaos and crumble.

What role do they play in the game world?

Tony "Vhalen" Garcia:

They are the major threat on the high seas and have recently begun to appear along major coastlines.

Where did you find inspiration for the Fishman design?

Tony "Vhalen" Garcia:

Originally, we wanted an intelligent amphibian race for our game that was not a sea elf or kedge. Between conversations with the designers and the artists, that creature became the fishman.

Is there anything about the Fishman that you haven’t told us that you would like to share?

Tony "Vhalen" Garcia:

The fishman have long kept to the depths of the deepest oceans, far from the reach of surface dwellers. In the past, they never raided the shores of Norrath. However, something has brought them to the beaches and grottos. They hide some of the most ancient secrets of Norrath. Could some ancient secret called them to the surface or forced them from their homeland under the sea?


Below, you will find images representing: concept art for the Fishman's armor and a look at the completed Fishmen:

For ages, seafarers that have sailed the Far Seas have told stories of ships being raided by giant fish men, the sailors being tossed overboard and the cargo dragged beneath the treacherous waves. There has been little credit given to these tales considering the only survivors of such attacks are often found not treading through the deep sea, but rather, treading through deep steins of Blackburrow Stout. Such fish men appeared only in maritime tales until the Age of Destiny. The shores of Kunark have been invaded by Yha-lei, their true name. What has forced these deep sea denizens from their homeland or what has attracted them?

Mountain Giants

What exactly is a Mountain Giant?

Tony "Vhalen" Garcia:

The mountain giant in Norrath is known as a kromdek. These are massive humanoids that tower high above the tallest troll or ogre. Among giantkin, they are one of the strongest. The Kromdek are also master blacksmiths and miners, keeping some of the oldest secrets of steel.

: What sets the Mountain Giant apart from other fantasy MMO mobs?

Tony "Vhalen" Garcia:

Although the Kromdek are large and heavy humanoids, they are quite surefooted within the precarious crags of any mountainous landscape. They are also known to tame some of the larger flying beasts to use them as flying steeds, but that is a rare site.

What role do they play in the game world?

Tony "Vhalen" Garcia:

The Kromdek have long been foes to the Iksar and the Sarnak, having been subjugated by both races in the past. Within kunark they are a major force that keeps the Sathirian Empire from destroying the Ring of Scale and conquering the entire continent.

Where did you find inspiration for the Mountain Giant design?

Tony "Vhalen" Garcia:

We followed some of the original designs from EQ and infused the basic elements that we apply to all the giants within the Age of Destiny.

Is there anything about the Mountain Giant that you haven’t told us that you would like to share.

Tony "Vhalen" Garcia:

The kromdek maintain a kingdom that is not accessible in Kunark. However, they have begun to move back into the lowland territories of the Sathirian Empire.


Below, you will find images representing: concept art for the Mountain Giant and a look at the completed Mountain Giant:

Kunark's lands are no stranger to the thundering steps of wandering mountain giants, or Kromdek, as they prefer to be called. Older than the first iksar empire, the mountain giant kingdom has thrived in the impregnable crags of the Frontier Mountains. That is not to say that they have not had their times of war and subjugation. Their eternal strife with the iksar, sarnak and goblins is well recorded. However, in this age they stand their ground and have begun to patrol the foothills and lowlands in search of resources and a lost adventuring party or two.


What exactly is a Sokokar?

Tony "Vhalen" Garcia:

A sokokar is a powerful beast that is the result of combining one of the lesser dragonkind and the froglok race. Mash these two creatures together and you have a sokokar, at least, that is what Emperor Atrebe did. They make excellent flying mounts as well as powerful attack beasts.

What sets the Sokokar apart from other fantasy MMO mobs?

Tony "Vhalen" Garcia:

The sokokar is a unique creature that was the result of a form of fantasy genetic research by the lizard man race known as the iksar. Never before has the unrivaled power of a dragon come together with the agility of a frog man race to create such a unique war beast.

What role do they play in the game world?

Tony "Vhalen" Garcia:

The sokokar will appear as both friend and foe. They are the mounts that can keep you from a long and dangerous journey. They are also the tamed war beasts of the enemy and the feral monsters in the wilds.

Where did you find inspiration for the Sokokar design?

Tony "Vhalen" Garcia:

This beast goes back to the days of the original EQ expansion, the Ruins of Kunark. It was designed to be another creature created by the blending of two races together, something the iksar were dabbling with. The sokokar never made it in to the game, but their lore still existed. It is not until the Age of Destiny that we get a true glimpse of one of the original lost creatures of the Ruins of Kunark. We kept true to the original description and concept art.

Is there anything about the Sokokar that you haven't told us that you would like to share.

Tony "Vhalen" Garcia:

The sokokar are one the, if not "the", most feared creatures in all of Kunark. Even the dragons have fallen to sokokar air cavalry units or wild packs of the beasts.


Below, you will find images representing: The mesh for the Sokokar and a look at the completed Sokokar:

What do you get when you combine the power and ferocity of a dragon the speed and agility of a froglok? In ages past, the iksar Emperor Atrebe Sathir got something he called the Sokokar. These are savage beasts first created and bred as supreme mounts for the iksar air cavalry of the old Sebilisian Empire. Although the iksar purposely raised them in a hostile environment, these powerful creatures were fiercely loyal. With the fall of the first iksar empire, sokokar found their way into the wilds where they became master predators. In this age, a sokokar can be the deadliest thing to encounter or the tamed mount that liberates you from dangers below.