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EverQuest II Articles

Two New All-Access Servers Set to Open

The EverQuest II team has announced that a pair of "special" servers will be opening up on Tuesday, June 28th and Tuesday, July 12th.

Timed Treasure Hunts to Yield Awesome Treasure

In Game Update 100, All-Access players will gain access to something called Timed Treasure Hunts in Zek and the Scourge Wastes. These hunts take place in an instanced version of the locations where solo players or groups can participate to beat the clock. Doing so can earn some pretty sweet rewards contained in treasure chests.

Oooh Look! Shinies! Forty New Collections in GU100

The EverQuest II site has been updated with a brief look at the forty new collections that will be coming for All Access members with Game Update 100. Players will be able to find shinies all throughout the new content. Players can also look for the specially created Heritage Collection.

Share Experience with Friends & Alts in GU100

Daybreak Game Company has laid out the details for the forthcoming Experience Vial System arriving with GU100 to EverQuest 2, a specially prepared update for All Access members. With experience vials, players can purchase an empty vial from the Marketplace for Daybreak Cash that can then be filled with experience. Once full, these vials can be used on an alt, given to a friend or sold via the broker.

Scourge Keep Profiled as Part of Game Update 100

The EverQuest II team has a new area profile from the forthcoming Game Update 100. This time, Scourge Keep is shown off and is an orc stronghold filled with, you guessed it...orcs!

The Fabled Zones Previewed in New Post

Daybreak has posted a new developer article about EverQuest 2 Game Update 100, the free-to-play update for members only. In the article, the team reveals a bit of information about The Fabled Zones. The Ruins of Varsoon, including Chamber of Immortality, Temple of Cazic-Thule, and Sanctum of Fear, are all being given the 'fabled' treatment for GU100 and are specifically designed for the highest level players.

Game Update 100's Island of Zek Profiled

The EverQuest II site has been updated with a look at the Island of Zek, a new location coming with the members-only Game Update 100. The island is divided into several new zones, each featuring its own quests, features and items. In the first of a series of lore-related articles, the team reveals the Scourge Wastes zone.

Game Update 100 to Require All-Access Membership

EQ2Wire has posted a live blog of last week's Spring Update live stream when several members of the EverQuest 2 team discussed Game Update 100. One of the things the team caught was the reveal that Game Update 100 would require membership to play and to use items.

Next Game Update to Allow 'Heartbinding' & More

The next EverQuest II update will give players the opportunity to "heartbind" with another that will grant special buffs for being so entwined. The update will also feature new zones, a new story line, new raids, new collections, and new rewards. GU100 is expected to hit live service on April 18th.

EU Server Consolidation FAQ

For Everquest II players in the EU, a new FAQ has been posted on the official site to give new, consolidated information about upcoming server merges currently scheduled to begin taking place on Thursday, March 31st, with additional merges after.

EU Server Merges Incoming + a Big Content Update

The latest Producer's Letter for EverQuest II has been published on the official site. It's short, but interesting with two tidbits of information for players.

Terrors of Thalumbra Expansion Launched

Daybreak Game Company has announced the launch of the twelfth expansion to EverQuest II. Called Terrors of Thalumbra, the expansion features a new zone and new quests for Tradeskill and Adventure players.

Happy 11th Birthday!

EverQuest II is turning 11 this year and will be celebrating in a big way this year. Part of the celebration includes this year's Heroes' Festival that begins on Friday, November 6th and runs through Monday, November 16th. Those who have remained with the game for all eleven years will score a special Veteran's Reward starting on Tuesday, November 3rd -- The Veteran Reward: 12 Year gives 365 Loyalty Tokens to use to purchase in-game items from vendors.

Help with Beta, Provide Feedback, Get Swag!

Daybreak Game Company has posted a new article detailing the ways players will be rewarded for helping beta test the Everquest II expansion, Terrors of Thalumbra. Players will have a series of adventure quests to complete on the beta server which will result in a "Kaeonos, the Dark Spirit" reward on live servers when the expansion is released.

Stygian Threshold - The Plane Between

The EverQuest II site has been updated with a new preview of the Stygian Threshold, an area from the upcoming expansion, Terrors of Thalumbra. The Threshold lies in the plane between Underfoot and the realms above. The preview shows off screens of the location as well as information about kobolds who inhabit the area and Zaraxia, matron of spiders.