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EverQuest II Articles

Frostfell Descends on Norrath

EverQuest II players can head into the game for the annual Frostfell holiday tradition. Elves and Goblins are spreading holiday cheer throughout the land. Going to Frostfell Wonderland Village brings scads of good times for all.

A Great Week to Level Up with Big Bonuses

This is a great week to work on your Everquest II characters with big bonuses from Monday, November 20th and running through Sunday, November 28th. You'll be able to earn double currency and double loot throughout the event.

Planes of Prophecy PreOrders Open Up & Include All Previous Content

The next EverQuest II expansion is called Planes of Prophecy and it's currently scheduled for a November 28th release. Daybreak Game Company has opened up preorders for the expansion in three different packages, each featuring its own set of in-game items.

Plains of Prophecy Announced as 14th Expansion

EverQuest 2 is getting ready to expand again for the fourteenth time. The new expansion is called Plains of Prophecy that will send players to several locations including the Plane of Magic, the Plane of Innovation, Solusek Ro's Tower and the Plane of Disease. According to the latest Producer's Letter, this expansion is expected to launch this year.

Free Level 100 Character Boost Promotion to End Soon

The EverQuest 2 team is reminding folks that the free level 100 boost promotion will be ending on May 22nd. Players will need to log in prior to that time in order to claim the Level 100 Boost Bauble.

Co-Opetition & Familiars Incoming Soon

The latest EverQuest 2 producer's letter has been published that introduces players to a pair of new features coming to the game in the near future: Co-opetition and familiars.

Bristlebane Day Returns, Runs Through April 13th

EverQuest II players will want to check into the game starting today and through April 13th for the return of Bristlebane Day. This year's event comes complete with a new quest, new items and even a new tradeskill recipe book. In addition, there are some player-created items in the Marketplace that can be purchased.

Greater Risk, Greater Reward in Expert Dungeons & Raids

The EverQuest II site has been updated with a brief note to let players know that Kunark Ascending expert dungeons and raids have arrived in game. Twelve dungeons and two raids are now available for expert play. As the post states, with greater risks come greater rewards. Finishing one of these special dungeons or raids will yield better loot. It's hard to beat that enticement.

Brewday Begins Today, Runs Through March 17th

Nothing says Springtime mor ethan the arrival of Brewday in EverQuest II -- and how great is it that BrewDAY lasts for eleven days? If you haven't checked out Brewday in awhile, this may be a great opportunity.

Erollisi Day Breezes in on Pink Clouds

Those with a poem in their heart or with moony thoughts of someone special will be happy to learn that Erollisi Day has returned to EverQuest II. During the event, a new achievement can be earned, special merchants are available to craft Romantic Gifts and new Marketplace items will be making a comeback next week.

Frostfell - Gifts, Gifts, Gifts Shown Off in All Their Glory

EverQuest II players who haven't yet checked into the game will want to head to the game's official site to see all of the gifts that are available during this year's Frostfell celebration.

Kunark Ascending Expansion Released!

EverQuest 2 fans will be happy to hear that the newest expansion, Kunark Ascending, has hit live service. Kunark Ascending is the lucky thirteenth expansion to the venerated game and brings Ascension classes, raids, new zones and much more.

Kunark Ascending to Release on Nov 15, Preorders Begin

The next Everquest 2 expansion, Kunark Ascending, is ready for release on Tuesday, November 15th. Players can now preorder KA in three different packages, Standard ($34.99), Collector's Edition ($89.99) and Premium ($139.99). Each comes with all previous expansion content and a variety of in-game items.

Game Update 101 Arriving Aug 23, Altar of Malice to be Free

The EverQuest 2 site has been updated with the news that Game Update 101 will be released on August 23rd. The update features Fabled dungeons for characters of level 100+ and that require membership to access.

Race to Trakanon Event Server Now Live

All Access members who love EverQuest II can now create a character on the Race to Trakanon event server. Players earn rewards during the limited time server based on achievements and that can then be claimed on another server once Trakanon closes.