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EverQuest II Articles

Norrath’s Timeless Heroes Contest

SOE has announced they are holding a contest as part of their 10 year anniversary celebrations for the EverQuest games. The contest calls on players to produce an image and brief write-up about why their character is one of "Norrath's Timeless Heroes."

Brew Day

The folks at EverQuest II have announced the return of Brew Day, an annual holiday of events which celebrate a Dwarf's favorite pastime.

Elements of Corruption Screenshots

To complement today's tour of Elements of Corruption, the upcoming game update for EverQuest II, we present eleven new screenshots depicting the game's new content and the revamp of the Lavastorm zone.

Elements of Corruption Tour

MMORPG.com's Stephanie Morrow recently took part in a tour of the revamp of the Lavastorm zone in Sony Online Entertainment's EverQuest II titled Elements of Corruption.

Elements of Corruption Lore

Game Update 51: Elements of Corruption will be hitting live servers soon, and the folks at EverQuest II have released a portion of the background lore behind the update.

Elements of Corruption Screenshots

Game update #51: Elements of Coruption for EverQuest II will see a number of changes to Lavastorm as the Void invades and today we present a fresh batch of screenshots from the update.

Lavastorm Quest Changes

The folks at EverQuest II are advising players of upcoming changes to Lavastorm which will make some writ quests obsolete.

Tradeskill Changes Preview

SOE has posted a preview of upcoming tradeskill changes in Game Update 51 for EverQuest II.

Solo Content and Lavastorm Make-over

The folks at EverQuest II have posted a preview of upcoming solo content that will be a part of Game Update 51: Elements of Corruption.

Alternate Character Model Options

The folks at EverQuest II have posted an article describing the game's various character model options.

SOE Gives 60TB of EQ2 Data to Science

SOE has announced they will be sharing more than 60 Terabytes server logs and data from EverQuest II academic researchers to study human interactions in games. SOE also assures us that our personal information has been removed from this data package.

Recruit-A-Friend Program

SOE has announced details of their new Recruit-A-Friend program for EverQuest II, giving players the opportunity to earn game time and other rewards for bringing new players into the fold.

Erollisi Day Events

The folks at EverQuest II have posted details about this year's Valentine's Day events, called Erollisi Day after the game's goddess of love.

Lavastorm Revamp Preview

The folks at EverQuest have posted a preview of the Lavastorm Revamp that is coming in Game Update #51.

Guide to Guilds

SOE recently posted a guide to guilds which is oriented toward new players and veterans who haven't explored that avenue of game play in EverQuest II.