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EverQuest II Articles

Will of a Tyrant

MMORPG.com EverQuest II Reporter Phil James writes this look at the recent Will of a Tyrant update leading up to the game's next expansion, Sentinels of Fate.

XP Curve Adjustments Made

Senior Producer on EverQuest II Alan "Brenlo" Crosby brings word that the XP curve in EverQuest II has seen some adjustments. This XP curve adjustments were necessary due to the fact that the level cap is set to be raised from 80 to 90 with the release of the upcoming Sentinel's Fate expansion.

Sentinel's Fate Collector's Edition Mount Trailer

This latest EverQuest II trailer features the Armored Highlands Stalker in-game mount, available exclusively to those who pre-order the Collector's Edition of the upcoming EverQuest II expansion: Sentinel's Fate.

The Year That Was For EQII

MMORPG.com Reporter Phil James writes this look back at some of the changes made to SOE's EverQuest II over the last year.

Stonebrunt Highlands Preview

A new preview of the upcoming Sentinel's Fate expansion to EverQuest II is now availalble on the official EverQuest II site. This latest preview focuses on the new level 85-90 overland zone "Stonebrunt Highlands," which is populated with quests that will allow players to "reveal long buried mysteries about the inhabitants." Those inhabitants appear to be the Erudin, which are being threatened by the looming danger of a force that would like nothing more to eradicate them from the world.

Looking at Frostfell

At this festive time of year, MMORPG.com EverQuest II reporter Phil James writes this look at the EverQuest II holiday, Frostfell.

Looking Back a Month - November

MMORPG.com EverQuest II Reporter Phil James writes this look back at the events of the month of November in SOE's EverQuest II.

Sentinel's Fate Collector's Edition Mount

The highland stalker mount, which will be available exclusively with the Collector's Edition of the upcoming EverQuest II expansion, Sentinel's Fate, has been revealed!

Game Update 54 Video & Producer's Letter

Game Update 54, Will of a Tyrant, will launch this Wednesday, December 9th, and we've got a new trailer featuring the update to get you excited!

Sentinel's Fate Beta Registration Begins

Beta registration for Sentinel's Fate, the next expansion to EverQuest II, are now open! If you attended Fan Faire you will be guaranteed entry to the beta program, but you are still required to register and accept the NDA.

Sentinel's Fate Pre-order's Begin!

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that pre-orders for the next EverQuest 2 expansion, Sentinel's Fate, are now available! Sentinel's Fate will include all five previously released expansions, the new expansion (of course), a new level cap of 90, two new zones, 400 new quests, 12 new dungeons, new AA abilities, 2,000 new items, 500 Station Cash, and the Fall of Erudin EQ2 TCG scenario.

A Noob's Look at EQII

MMORPG.com writer Chris Higgins takes a look at the first 20 levels in SOE's classic MMORPG EverQuest II, focusing in on the game as someone completely unfamiliar with the EverQuest franchise.

Ratonga Rat Race

SOE will be hosting a "Norrathian Rat Race" in EverQuest II every day from today, October 13th, through November 6th, 2009. In order to participate, players will need to create a Level 1 Ratonga on their server of choice, and then meet up at Hate's Envy on the time and date scheduled for their particular server. Once there, players will compete in a race through Norrath to gather items outlined in a provided list. The players who finish fastest will be treated to an as of yet unspecified reward.

Video Interview with Alan Crosby

The new Executive Producer of EverQuest II updates us on what's in store for the SOE MMORPG.

Update 52 Preview: Emperor’s Athenaeum

SOE has posted a preview of the content of Game Update 52: Monument and Might with a look at the Emperor's Athenaeum.