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EverQuest II Articles

Halas Reborn Now Live

EverQuest II players have a lot of new goodies to look forward today with the release of the new Halas Reborn update. Halas Reborn sees the rebirth of the icy zone of Halas, a popular locale in the original EverQuest, which has returned with a few changes and brings with it two new raids, improvements to quest progression through the use of a new "Storyline" tab, a revamp of the game's travel system, PvP updates and more!

Why EQII? Additional Features

MMORPG.com EverQuest II expert Phil James writes this look at EverQuest II and some of the reasons that people who may have missed the game might want to try it out. Today, he focuses on some of the additional features the game has to offer.

SOE Adds Station Cash Mounts to Marketplace

Sony Online Entertainment has added an array of new mounts to the EverQuest II Marketplace, and each mount will set you back 2500 Station Cash or $25 for those of you unfamiliar with SOE's Marketplace.

Why EQII? Character and Quests

MMORPG.com EverQuest II expert Phil James writes this look at EverQuest II and some of the reasons that people who may have missed the game might want to try it out. Today, he focuses on some of the character and quest elements.

Halas Reborn: New Screenshots, Trailer

Sony Online Entertainment has released 15 new screenshots and a new trailer for the upcoming Halas Reborn update to EverQuest II.

A Look at Sentinel's Fate

MMORPG.com's Phil James takes a look at the most recent expansion to EverQuest II, letting us know the ups and downs to the latest addition.

Alan "Brenlo" Crosby Departs SOE

Alan "Brenlo" Crosby, a long-time Sony Online Entertainment employee, and EverQuest II producer, has announced his departure from the studio.

New Halas Preview

EverQuest II Game Designer Nathan McCall and Zone Artist Stacey Norman took some time to provide a preview of New Halas, the rebirth of the city of Halas, which has been lost since the Rending. Fans of the original EverQuest, should remember the original Halas as an icy-stronghold in Antonica, home to Norrath's barbarians.

Brenlo Discusses Game's Future

EverQuset II Senior Producer Alan "Brenlo" Crosby discussed the future of EverQuest II at length in a new forum post made to the official EverQuest II forums.

Bristlebane Day Returns

Sony Online Entertainment has announced the return of Bristlebane Day, which includes two weeks of festivities beginning today and ending on April 12th. On April 1st (April Fools Day) Norrathians can look forward to a full day of tricky events, including the return of the "Ratical" quest series, the Gigglegibber Scavenger Hunt, and more.

Mr. and Mrs. Norrath Contest

Think you've got the coolest looking character in all of Norrath? Sony Online Entertainment is challenging you to prove it with the announcement of the Mr. and Mrs. Norrath contest!

Sentinel's Fate Now Live!

Sentinel's Fate, the latest expansion to EverQuest II, is now live, sort of. If you're waiting on the digital version you're going to have to wait until February 23rd to snag the new expansion.

Bonus XP Weekend!

According to an announcement made by EverQuestII Community Manager Kiara, players will be able to enjoy bonus XP to all forms of experience gain beginning at 3PM PST today, and ending at 11:59 PM PST on Monday, February 15th.

Battlegrounds Launch Date Set, New Trailer Released!

Sony Online Entertainment has released a slick new trailer showing off the new Battlegrounds feature, which is set to debut next Tuesday, February 16th. Battlegrounds are instanced PvP scenarios a'la World of Warcraft for up to 48 players, with the initial offering featuring cross-server play, three game modes (Capture the Flag, Hold the Relic, and Hold Territory), three maps, and new exclusive armor sets.

Battlegrounds to Debut in February

Three instanced battleground scenarios will be available in EverQuest II on February 16th, 2010 as Sony Online Entertainment finally catches up to the times by introducing battlegrounds to the game.