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EverQuest II Articles

Ghouls & Beasties Return

Ghosties and ghoulies and things that go *BUMP* in the night have returned to Everquest 2. The Nights of the Dead live event will be running on all EQ2 servers from now through November 8th. New NPCs can craft a book of recipes and players can trick or treat in several locations.

Arcanum Revealed

Sony Online Entertainment has successfully deployed Update 58: Arcanum Revealed to all Everquest 2 servers. Arcanum Revealed brings on line a brand new zone, new quests and rare loot among many other improvements. To grab the latest game version, simply log into the game to begin the download.

Unlimited Character Slots

Everquest II playerws will have the opportunity to create as many characters as they wish...for a price. Beginning October 5th, players will be able to purchase extra character slots in the Station Marketplace. There is no limit to the number of slots one can buy and the purchase is permanent.

Extended Officially Launches

Sony Online Entertainment has announced the official launch of Everquest II: Extended, the free-to-play version of the original. The Extended version allows players to take on the entire game, paying only for what they wish without the need for a subscription. To celebrate the launch, SOE is offering all players a cosmetic staff that can be picked up in Freeport.

Double XP Weekend

Thanks to the heads up from MMORPG.com user Cyphers, we now know that Everquest II players will be able to earn double experience this weekend. This is particularly good news for US Everquest II players as this is the three day Labor Day weekend!

EQ2X Beta Released

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that Everquest II Extended, the free-to-play version of the game, has had its beta client released. Players are also trying out the new web-based streaming downloader in an effort to get folks into the game much faster.

EQ2X Delayed

A forum post on the official Everquest II forums indicates that developers have run into a glitch and that Everquest 2 Extended, the free-to-play version of the game, will not deploy until August 19th. EQ2X was expected to launch today and developers are cautiously optimistic that they can try again on the 19th.

Latest Expansion Named

The eighth expansion to the Everquest II series has been named. Called "Destiny of Velious", players will be taken to the Great Wastes of Velious. Among other things, Destiny of Velious will introduce flying mounts to the game for the first time, give players three hundred new quests to try out, ten new instanced dungeons and four new Heritage quests.

Jace Hall Named as MC for SOE Fan Faire

Sony Online Entertainment has just announced that Jason "Jace" Hall will be the master of ceremonies for the 2010 SOE Fan Faire to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada August 5-8, 2010. Hall will have several opportunities for MC duties: Kickoff Reception, Grand Banquet and Costume Contest.

Want a Guild Name Change?

A new premium item has shown up in the Sony Marketplace for Everquest II players. Guilds looking for a new and different name can now purchase a Guild Rename Potion. But at what cost?

Double Station Cash and XP Weekend; New Station Cash Items

EverQuest II Senior Producer Dave Georgeson recently announced that SOE has heard players' calls for a double XP weekend for this upcoming holiday weekend. Not only will players be enjoying double XP this weekend, they'll also receive double the Station Cash when redeeming Station Cash cards, double tradeskill experience, and even double AA experience.

Not Going Free to Play

It's no secret that things are changing across the genre, with a trend towards Free to Play (or free to play hybrids a'la DDO and LOTRO) seemingly inevitable. This has left many gamers wondering about the fate of their favorite games in this new world of MMO gaming. As far as EverQuest II fans are concerned, however, those dreading Free to Play can rest easy, EQ2 will not be going Free to Play according to EQ2 Senior Producer Dave Georgeson.

Halas Reborn Limited Time Offer at FilePlanet

FilePlanet is offering users who may be curious about EverQuest II the opportunity to try out the game along with all expansions (sans the recently released Sentinel's Fate) for 30 days free of charge.

Looking at Halas Reborn

MMORPG.com EverQuest II writer Phil James recently sat down with EverQuest II's Update 56, Halas Reborn. Today, he shares his experiences.

Halas Reborn Now Live

EverQuest II players have a lot of new goodies to look forward today with the release of the new Halas Reborn update. Halas Reborn sees the rebirth of the icy zone of Halas, a popular locale in the original EverQuest, which has returned with a few changes and brings with it two new raids, improvements to quest progression through the use of a new "Storyline" tab, a revamp of the game's travel system, PvP updates and more!