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EverQuest II Articles

Destiny of Velious Launches

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that the newest Everquest II expansion, Destiny of Velious, has officially launched. To celebrate, the team has sent out a boatload of new screenshots for your Tuesday viewing.

Double XP Weekend

Everquest II devs have posted that this weekend (February 18-22) will net players double experience in preparation for Tuesday's release of the Destiny of Velious expansion. Double XP ends at the precise moment that Velious goes live so get in there and level up!

Velious NDA Lifted

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that the non-disclosure agreement for the Everquest 2 expansion, Destiny of Velious, has been lifted. The expansion is scheduled to be released next week with new content and more. Players are now free to discuss their experiences during the beta phase.

Mobile App Arrives

In another example of the interconnectedness between electronic devices and gamers, Sony Online Entertainment has released EQII Mobile for Everquest 2 players. The mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices in each one's respective app store. Players can use the app to participate in chat, check in-game mail, review character stats, access achievements, view the world map, and search for items.

Velious Collector's Edition Detailed

Sony Online Entertainment has begun taking pre-orders for the collector's edition of the upcoming Everquest 2 expansion, Destiny of Velious. The digital collector's edition features several exclusive perks including a Husky pet, a summer home, teleportation portraits and more. Destiny of Velious is scheduled to deploy on February 22nd. The CE is $59.99 for preorder but will go up to $89.99 on release day.

Destiny of Velious Delayed

Sony Online Entertainment and the Everquest II team have announced that the Destiny of Velious expansion pack has been delayed. Originally slated for release on February 8th, the expansion has been rescheduled for February 22nd due to beta player feedback. The good news is that more closed beta testers will be added in the very near future.

Fortune League Opens on Facebook

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that Fortune League has opened on Facebook. Fortune League allows players to engage with Everquest II in "snackable" sessions and introduces new players to the game via the Facebook game application. The casual strategy game also gives EQ2 players the opportunity to score in-game swag for playing the Facebook game.

Destiny of Velious Beta Begins

Dave "Smokejumper" Georgeson has announced that the closed beta invitations for the Everquest II expansion, Destiny of Velious, have gone out and that players need to check into their Station accounts to get started and/or to apply for the closed beta.

Double XP Event Begins

Sony Online Entertainment and Everquest 2 devs have announced that a double experience event from Monday, December 27th through Thursday, December 30th. The event will be live on both standard Everquest 2 servers and the Everquest 2 Extended servers.

Destiny of Velious Beta Coming Soon

In a short post on the official forums, Everquest II producer Dave Georgeson announced that Destiny of Velious, the upcoming expansion for EQII, is nearing its closed beta phase of development. Georgeson told readers that Destiny of Velious is currently in the 'friends and family' in-house beta phase but will shortly enter closed beta.

Frostfell Has Descended Upon Norrath!

The folks over at Sony Online Entertainment have announced a slew of Holiday Content for their games. Third on the list, Everquest and Everquest II are currently celebrating the Norrath tradition of Frostfell!

Velious Winter Rewards Detailed

The Everquest II page has been updated with some new information about the rewards players will receive if they purchase the upcoming expansion, Destiny of Velious. Each month during the chilly days of winter, players will receive a pair of rewards that, according to devs, are awesome.

Extended: Free Gold Membership Weekend

Folks playing on the Everquest 2 Extended servers will have the opportunity to experience the benefits of 'gold membership' this coming weekend. From November 19th to the 21st, players will have access to the same benefits as paid members including seven character slots, spell tiers, equipment grades, six bag slots, unlimited coin limitations, eight shared bank slots, 75 journal quests and more.

Sony's Halloween Happenings

Sony Online Entertainment has tons of Halloween happenings for players in all of the games in its stable. Everything from Sith O'Lanterns to werewolves to the Skinwalker to EQ II's Nights of the Dead will be live any day now. There will be plenty of thrills and chills for everyone in SOE's games. Grab all the details at your favorite game site.

Server Merges Announced

Everquest II Senior Producer Dave Georgeson has announced a series of server merges beginning the week of November 16th. Combining servers is something that players have long asked for and awaited Developers anticipate the moves will bring more robust game play experiences to players. Sixteen servers will be affected by the mergers, eleven will not.