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EverEmber Online Overview

EverEmber Online is an Open World free-to-play MMORPG without any objectives or primary quest lines. There are no quests telling you how to play or where to go when. While keeping the good elements of MMORPGs from the late 90's through 2000's, EverEmber keeps up to date by implementing many features of modern day MMORPGs. There is an optional monthly fee of $5 or a lifetime sub for $25 that will give players special perks and access to an exclusive in-game island. But the whole main game can be enjoyed completely for free, while buying convenience and cosmetic items in the cash shop (if you choose).
  • Open-ended gameplay | Players can explore and play without any restrictions or objectives.
  • Old school MMO with new school style | Enjoy Classic 16-bit styled visuals with modern touch.
  • Complete social interaction | With a player-run economy, guilds, open-world PvP and no main goals, social interaction is more important than in many other MMORPGs today.
  • No Skill-up grind! | Don't waste hours of your life mining a rock to be able to mine a bigger rock, there are no level restrictions for gathering resources and crafting.
  • No class restraint | Today you can be a Warrior, the other day, a wizzard, you are not confined to a single class and can create your own class combination.
Charming Beginnings

Out of all the game genres out there, MMOs are probably the least represented in terms of independent game development. Truly, it makes sense. MMOs typically require massive amounts of resources, 24/7 attention, and a deeply dedicated core team of developers. However, sometimes a handful of people are able to find workarounds for issues and create something that they can be proud of for a small, yet active, community – such is the case with EverEmber Online.