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Ubisoft E3 2018 Press Event - Let's Watch Together

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Ubisoft's E3 2018 press event is slated for 1:00 pm Pacific / 4:00 pm Eastern today. We know for sure we'll be learning a lot more about The Division 2, but what else are we likely to learn? While we're waiting for the event to kick off, let us know what you're expecting to hear about Ubi's lineup of games. Then come back at the appointed time and watch with us while you check up on the latest updates in our live blog.

 Just Dance 2019

Weirdest start ever....Pandas and marching bands...

The venue audience is being treated to a living world representation of the next game in the Just Dance series, pithily named Just Dance 2019. I gotta admit...it's fun, especially after the Square Enix presentation!

Just Dance 2019 will be arriving in October!

Beyond Good & Evil 2

Ubisoft is giving fans of Beyond Good & Evil 2 a great cinematic look at the keenly anticipated game complete with all of the characters and settings you know and love, including the seemingly now evil Jade.

Gabrielle Shrager has taken to the stage to talk about the forthcoming "space opera". Legendary characters will be playing a major role in the game's prequel. 

You are a space pirate captain near the end of the 24th century. A behind closed doors demo will be shown during E3. The team is showing off pre-alpha gameplay in a new video.

The Space Monkey program allows players to be a part of creating the game. People around the world are invited to create original content as players explore the game world. 

Rainbow Six Siege

We love seeing our community grow. Rainbow Six Siege community is 35 million players! The Rainbow Six Siege Pro League will be competing for six months of intense action. 

Trials Rising

If you've been looking for great motorcycle racing opportunities, you'll definitely want to check out Trials Rising. The trail reveals a tons of new maps from iconic locations around the world. Players will find new, fun ways to play that are packed with action and ways to ham it up.

Trials Rising will be coming in February 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, XBox One and Nintendo Switch. Interested players can register for closed beta testing by heading to the official site.

The Division 2

The infection of the Strain has mostly burned itself out, but America is tearing itself apart. Washington DC is under constant attack while civilians try to rebuild. In their dedication lie the seeds of the rebirth of society.

You and fellow agents will need to bring equipment and tactical abilities to the top level. Players will be able to choose a signature weapon that compliments all of your equipment, including special versions of skills. You can tailor your own personal way to play.

Eight players will be able to partner up in END GAME RAIDS!

We are launching with plans for years of frequent, major content updates. In Year 1, there will be three episodic DLC with new story, new areas to explore and new activities. All DLC is completely free FOR EVERYONE.

Hope for the future lies in you, Agents of the Division.

Skull & Bones




Piracy is dead in the Caribbean. Pirates are off to the Indian Ocean to ply their trades. There are no heroes and "you're going to steal every last f*cking coin". The goal? Claw your way to the top by knowing your hunting ground. Every player encounter matters in a fully shared world.

Skull and Bones is coming in 2019 and beta sign ups are open!

Transference VR

Elijah Wood took to the stage with Benoit Richer, game director of Transference, the blend of gaming and films. In Transference, we're taking an exploration game into a chilling new location. 

Star Link Battle for Atlas

It is coming out on October 16, 2018. The Atlas Star System is 400 light years from ours. You'll discover new planets and work to form alliances while you stay away from the Relentless. Heroes will need all the help they can get.

Star Fox and friends will be coming to the game too, as will the game to Nintendo Switch. Mr. Miyamoto from Nintendo is in the audience to show is close relationship with Ubisoft leadership. It will launch for all consoles on October 16th.

For Honor

The team has come to the stage to thank the community for its support. In celebration of E3, new players can try out For Honor. The Starter Edition for PC is free from now through Monday to keep forever. It can be downloaded via UPlay.

It appears that Chinese and Roman factions will be coming to the game in the future in Marching Fire. A new castle siege mode called Breach will be added.

The Crew 2

Open beta will be starting June 21st and interested players can pre-download the client starting today on PC, PlayStation 4 and XBox One.

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey

"The fate of Greece journeys with you." Assassin's Creed: Odyssey coming OCTOBER 5th!

This is more than an adventure. It is a truly roleplaying adventure. It's set in Ancient Greece during the Golden Age of Athens. 

The game has been in production for over three years. We have iterated on Assassin's Creed to make an epic RPG experience. Actions and choices matter. 

You will be able to play as Kassandra or Alexios - male and female protagonists. You are the child of a legendary Greek hero and bear your father's legendary weapon, the Broken Spear of Leonidas. For the first time, we have deeply changed how we tell stories. You'll truly interact with history, meeting legendary characters including Socrates and others.


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