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Blizzcon 2013 Opening Ceremonies Live Blog

Blizzcon 2013 kicks off today after a year's hiatus and is promising to be a huge event for fans of World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, Hearthstone, Blizzard All-Stars and Diablo 3. Keep your eyes on this spot for the news, updated regularly, as it happens.


One of the most difficult phases of any game's development is the launch, a good or bad one can make or break the game. In today's Tingle's Touchy Subjects, we take a look at a recent launch debacle featuring EA's The Sims. Check it out before talking about it in the comments.

SOE Fan Faire: Two Expansions and Planetside 2

Drew Wood is on hand in Las Vegas for all there is to see at SOE's Fan Faire 2011. As luck would have it, the show's starting off with a bang, unveiling two new expansions and the long awaited first ever reveal of Planetside 2.

Jeff Hickman GenCon Diary: Days 2 & 3

Mythic's Jeff Hickman was on hand at this year's GenCon in Indianapolis, Indiana. During his time there, Jeff had the chance to spend time with some big names in fantasy literature: Ed Greenwood, RA Salvatore, Larry Elmore and Margeret Weis. Jeff also gives some final thoughts about GenCon and the value it has to gamers and fantasy fans around the world.

Jeff Hickman: Kickin' It at Gencon

Bioware Mythic Executive Producer, Jeff Hickman, is MMORPG.com's man on the floor at the 2010 Gencon in Indianapolis, Indiana. Jeff is keeping tabs on all that's happening at the annual convention and we've got his first blog report. Check it out and find out what's happening at GenCon!

Aaron: The Final Day

Aaron delivers his - and our - final blog.

Carolyn: Day 2 & 3

Carolyn completes her AGC memoirs.

Aaron: Day Two

Aaron drops by with his day two sights and sounds.

Aaron: Newbie

The new guy tries out Austin.

Laura: Underway

Laura Genender gets her day one blog underway.

Jon: A Start

The first day is blogged by Jon Wood.

Carolyn: Day 0

We're getting under way at AGC and Carolyn gets her first blog out.

Carolyn: The Last Stand

Carolyn Koh's PAX wrap-up blog.

Dana: Woe and Defeat!

Dana has a rough day on the final day of PAX.

Carolyn: Fury and Photos

Her day two blog goes now.