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PAX East 2018 - Ben Brode Talks The Witchwood

During PAX East 2018, Hearthstone's Ben Brode was on hand to talk about the upcoming expansion, The Witchwood. Garrett Fuller caught up to Ben to check out what's new in The Witchwood and much more.

PAX East 2018 - Ashes of Creation Demo & Interview

In the last few years there have been many new MMOs stepping up to the plate and trying to be the next big hit. Many of these have started to show the first signs of trouble early on. So, it’s within this context I approached the pre-alpha demo for Ashes of Creation; with a fair bit of apprehension and a side of cynicism. I am quite happy to say the demo exceeded all my expectations for what a MMO in pre-Alpha can be.

CES: Gaming Tech News Round-Up (Day 1)

CES is upon us again and we’re here to let you know all the latest news. The show doesn’t technically begin until tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean companies aren’t making their big announcements now. Here’s the gaming tech news that you missed from the show today.

The Best of BlizzCon 2017

BlizzCon 2017 was probably my favorite BlizzCon in years. So much great content was revealed, while two of the IPs were a little less than enthusiastically represented (I’ve a hunch that next year will be big for the Devil). But far and away, it was a big year for World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm. Read on for our picks for the Best of BlizzCon 2017.

Mobile Masters Las Vegas 2017

Over the weekend of October 14-15, Amazon hosted the Mobile Masters Las Vegas mobile esports tournament. The event was held at the Millennial Esports Arena at Neonoplois where 24 professional teams and players came out to compete in popular mobile games including, Vainglory, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars and World of Tanks Blitz, for a share of a $70,000 prize pool.

Runefest 17: Cosplays & Costumes

Cosplay is a highlight of any fan gathering, and Runescape’s Runefest is no different. Our team hit the convention floor, capturing some of the incredible fan creations and professional costumes on show.

Combat Changes on the Way

Last night at the end of the first day of Final Fantasy FanFest Frankfurt Square Enix hosted a first for them. A press conference at the end of a FanFest. Naoki Yoshida, director and producer of Final Fantasy XIV fielded a series of questions from the media.

EU Fanfest 2017 - Way of the Samurai

For one weekend only Frankfurt Germany became the Mecca for Final Fantasy XIV. Earlier this morning Square Enix kicked off their third and Final Fantasy FanFest prior to the launch of their newest expansion Stormblood. To get the celebration rolling Naoki Yoshida opened the event with his keynote speech after an expanded Stormblood cinematic.

PAX South 2017: The Best of the Rest

It wasn't just big booths and big games making all the news at PAX South 2017. At big conventions, even the little guy can get noticed, and sometimes make a name for themselves.

Champions of Fire Invitational - Opening Doors to New eSports Tournaments

When I was asked to take a trip out to Las Vegas to cover the first ever eSports tournament put on by Amazon’s Mobile App store I wasn’t really sure what to expect. The only details I had about the “Champions of Fire” tournament was that it was going to prove that casual mobile game can be just a competitive as League of Legends or CS:GO. So, of course I assumed Champions of Fire was a game.

The Mecca of Jagex

Rob hopped the pond last weekend and attended Runefest at Battersea Park. Read on to see what all the fuss was about.

Wargaming League's Grand Finals 2016

With eSports steadily gaining ground as live entertainment, World of Tanks' player-centric strategy seems to be working. The Wargaming League Grand Finals—the third of its kind—took place last weekend in Warsaw, Poland, and was far and away the biggest one yet.

Invitational Wrap Report

Sunday morning in sleepy Santa Ana, California saw HEX fanatics lined up outside a modest red brick building, chattering excitedly and no wonder. Day two of the HEX Invitational was about to begin and at the end of it, one player would walk away not only with HEX Master bragging rights, but $40,000 in deck-expanding cash.

That's No Moon - Citadels Are the Death Stars of EVE

Traditionally, EVE Vegas was just a community meetup—a place where players could gather in the smoky casinos and drink until they were numb. But after last weekend and the massive details unleashed for EVE's next big expansion pack, many are wondering how long it will be until EVE Vegas eclipses Iceland's EVE Fanfest.

Wargaming.net's Grand Finals Starts in Warsaw, Poland

Today marked the opening of the Wargaming.net League World of Tanks Grand Finals, and boy was it grand. It began with pounding techno music, flashing lights, and super-macho trailer showing competitive tough guys ready to tank it out, and a huge digital display that counted down the seconds until show time.