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Mobile Masters Las Vegas 2017

David Holmes Posted:
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Over the weekend of October 14-15, Amazon hosted the Mobile Masters Las Vegas mobile esports tournament.  The event was held at the Millennial Esports Arena at Neonoplois where 24 professional teams and players came out to compete in popular mobile games including, Vainglory, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars and World of Tanks Blitz, for a share of a $70,000 prize pool.

The weekend kicked off with World of Tanks Blitz. WoT Blitz is the mobile cousin of World of Tanks. It's a cross-platform (available on IOS, Android, Windows, Mac & Steam) free to play team based MMO action game dedicated to tank combat. It features over 200 iconic vehicles from Germany, Japan, France, the UK, USA, USSR and China, with four different vehicle classes including light, medium and heavy tanks with tank destroyers as well. You have two teams of seven face off against each other in one of 18 different arenas. 

The games started off with a bang as Team HateUsMore went from one win to another to eventually win the single elimination tournament, taking home the prize of $5,000. Second place went to team Cobras and third and fourth place to team LoveUsMore and team Eclipse, respectively. It was a good showing for all and shows the great potential of WoT Blitz for more Esports.

Next up on the stage was Power Rangers Legacy Wars. The game focuses on real time battles between two players. The player chooses one leader character and two support characters per team. The leader is the only one directly controlled by the player. The two assists act as Support Cards. The players have a power meter of 10 and must choose from one of three types of moves: Strike, Defense, or Breaker. With a rock, paper, scissors effect for each.  The characters can range from various rangers and villains from the whole franchise, with three different class types (Defender, Attacker and Balanced). The game can become quite strategic at higher levels of play with fake outs, combos and counters. 

Eight Power Rangers: Legacy Wars pro players competed professionally for the first time in a best-of-seven format. It was great to see the game getting its feet wet in the Esports environment and twitch viewers seemed receptive to it. In the final round, pro players Jonathan Snow and DunkSB412 duked it out with DunkSB412 ultimately taking home the top share of the $10K prize pool.

Sunday was all about the mobile moba Vainglory. VG is a popular mobile game with teams of three battling it out in a traditional moba setting. What you would expect from other games of the genre you'll get here in a smaller format. With all the laning, ganking and feeding your heart desires. There's a free hero rotation and the ability to purchase the one's you want to play. There are currently 35 different heroes in Vainglory with Assassins, Mages, Protectors, Snipers and Warriors.

The tournament started off with TeamSoloMid running the Gauntlet taking down Echo Fox, SK Gaming, FNATIC, NRG and ACE Gaming to advance to the Championship round. The afternoon competition kicked off with Rogue beating Cloud9, before falling to the “on fire” TSM. TSM finished off the day undefeated by defeating Cloud9 to earn the title of “Champion of Champions” and their share of the $50K prize pool. There were a few brief delays during tournament, but otherwise it went well and all the games were solid and exciting. 

Mobile Masters Las Vegas was presented in partnership with eSports Productions and ESL and held at the Millennial Esports Arena at Neonopolis in Las Vegas. "We're honored that Amazon chose to hold Mobile Masters Las Vegas at the Millennial Esports arena. This partnership is testament to the rapid growth of the mobile esports industry and we're thrilled to have shown off our state-of-the-art venue to a new audience,” said Alex Igelman, CEO of Millennial Esports. “The event was a roaring success, and we look forward to working with Amazon Appstore again.” Overall the energy at the location felt good and it was great to see the mix of Pro teams and new Pro players. Amazon seems focused on making mobile Esports for fans and players fun and exciting.

Following the tournament, fans can enjoy a special broadcast of the Mobile Masters tournaments on CBS Sports Network. For more details, updates, live streams and broadcasts, fans can visit  mobilemasterslv.com and twitch.tv/amazonappstore.


David Holmes