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MMO Halloween Roundup 2020

Tricks and Treats from MMOs Big And Small

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When it comes to in-game season events, there’s no doubt in my mind that MMOs leave the rest of the gaming world wishing they had more treats to offer. With less than a week to go until Halloween, MMOs from A to Z - well, W at least - have hung their spooky decorations, pulled out all of their tricks, and readied bags full of treats for their players. We even hunted down a few of the Not So MMO games that may be of interest to you. Even though I haven’t played in a couple of years, DDO’s The Night Revels will always be my favorite. What’s yours?

Aion - Super Spookily Halloween Event

Aion Halloween Event

Stop by A Nobleman’s Coffin to apply buffs to get 100% more AP, 20% more XP, and a 50% drop rate boost. Then be sure to kill enemies in Inggison and Gelkmaros to gather up the Candy Bombs they drop before you head into one of the many instances that house the Pumpkin Kings. Each Pumpkin King kill will earn you a Pumpkin King’s bundle full of all sorts of goodies. You’ll also receive a Magic Pumpkin which can be exchanged for other awesome treats. Make sure to hurry, though, as the Pumpkin King event makes a pre-Halloween departure from Aion, lasting only until October 28.

Albion Online - Allhallows

Albion Online Halloween

Once maintenance is completed on October 28, you can expect to see Halloween decorations adorning the cities in Albion Online. You’ll also have the chance to loot rare mount skins like the Jack o’ Donkey, along with other items, in Allhallows’ Hallowed Ground dungeon through November 11. Introduced last year as a group dungeon, Hallowed Ground now has a solo version as well.

Archeage and Archeage Unchained - Hallowtide

Archeage Halloween Event

Now through October 29, adventurers level 10 and above can earn Hallowtide Festival Tokens by completing daily quests in Solis Headlands and Two Crowns. There’s even a truce in the two areas to maximize your token gathering.

Ashes of Creation - Woe Within The Woods

Ashes of Creation Halloween

Not a true Halloween event, Ashes of Creation still celebrates the season with some spookily fantastic cosmetic addons available in the AoC shop until November 4.

Astellia Online - Halloween 2020

Astellia Online

Astellia’s Halloween event has been postponed by two days until October 29. Each day until November 24 you’ll be able to defeat Eligos the Candy King, located inside the Archduke Halloween Mansion, to earn the worst sounding reward ever - Nasty Smelling Candy - which can be turned in for much nicer items.

Black Desert Online - Spooky Witchy Halloween!

Black Desert Online Halloween Event

BDO celebrates this Halloween season with not one, not two, but five events and challenges. Whether they can be completed only once per family or once per day until Spooky Witchy Halloween ends on November 4, each event rewards players with its own unique bag of goodies.

Blade & Soul - Blade & Ghoul

Blade and Sould Blade and Ghoul Event

Collect Ghoulish Halloween Treats just for logging in throughout the Blade & Ghoul event, which ends on November 18. Daily challenges and quests, along with The Tower of Memory serving as the Halloween event dungeon, grant additional goodies. Once you’ve collected your haul, you can then exchange it all at the Dragon Express for some fantastic items.

Champions Online - The Blood Moon

Champions Online

The Blood Moon has risen in Champions Online, bringing with it new titles, costumes, and other goodies. Each week brings new treats so be sure to check back weekly to collect them all.

DC Universe Online - The Witching Hour

DCUO Witching Hour

The Witching Hour returns to DC Universe Online, bringing with it new base items, feats, and styles. Speak to the Phantom Stranger (Heroes) at the East End safehouse or mosey on over to The Tap Room to talk to Tala (Villians) for information about the Midnight Masquerade.

Dungeons & Dragons Online - The Night Revels

DDO Delara's Graveyard

Delara’s Graveyard is always full of low level undead ready to die a second time as adventurers work on reaching level 10. But every year around this time the Plane of Mabar intersects with Stormreach, drawing the attention of players of all levels to the graveyard as they attempt to reap the rewards of The Night Revels. Make sure to group up as you clear the denizens of the graveyard to increase your chances of acquiring the Night Revels Key - needed to enter the event themed dungeons - and Darkest Chocolate - the base ingredient needed for rewards offered by the Night Revels Vendor.

Elder Scrolls Online The Witches Festival

ESO Witches Festival

Until the Witches Festival ends on November 3, defeated boss monsters will drop Plunder Skulls. These haunted containers hold all sorts of items to collect. As an added bonus, the first kill of each boss type each day rewards a special Dremora Plunder Skull, with a chance to contain Dremora Motif chapters, Festival Writs, treasure maps, and a new Grave Dancer Weapon Style.

Elsword - Halloween 2020


Visit other player’s houses and complete other event quests to fill your Candy Basket Gauge and earn 5 DIY El House Halloween. Use the furniture these cubes offer to decorate your house with 3 or more pieces to gain the Halloween Season Buff.

Eve Online  - Crimson Harvest - Other than a quick mention in the Phoenix Quadrant 4 update, there’s been little word from CCP about this year’s Crimson Harvest. I’m sure we’ll hear something in the next few days, possibly when the Howling Interdictors update hits on the 27th.

Eve Echoes - Crimson Harvest

EVE Echoes Crimson Harvest

Starting on October 31, Crimson Harvest Anomalies will begin popping up in Eve Echoes. Completing both low and high level anomalies will reward players with Haunted Supply Boxes, spilling over with brand new modules and Halloween themed ship skins.

Everquest - Nights of the Dead


Although we weren’t able to locate an official announcement, Fanra’s wiki notes that the 2020 event started on October 14 and runs through November 10.

Everquest 2 - Nights of the Dead

EQ2 Nights of the Dead

Nights of the Dead seems to have gotten a little more attention in Everquest 2 than it has in the original EQ. Player will be able to take on the Headless Horseman in a new public event this year and a new quest line is available from Crinn Bryggin in Nektulos Forest. Crafters have also gotten some love, with new Halloween recipes available from Nights of the Dead vendors scattered throughout Norrath.

Final Fantsay XI - Halloween Ambuscade

For its Halloween event this year, FFXI will have players battling a Shadow Mithra, though the mechanics will be similar to previous Halloween Ambuscades.

Final Fantasy XIV - Make It Rain Campaign

FFXIV Halloween Event

All Saints’ Wake has been cancelled this year and is being replaced by the Make It Rain Campaign. For those still wanting to get into the Halloween spirit, you can still get an invitation to the Haunted Manor Masquerade from the Continental Circus representative at the Gold Saucer.

Guild Wars 2 Shadow of the Mad King

The locals have decorated Lion’s Arch in its annual Halloween theme, making it the Halloween headquarters of Tyria. Take part in all of the Mad King’s activities to get Trick or Treat bags that are filled with a variety of Halloween goods.

Legends of Aria  - Season 6: Toil and Trouble

Legends of Aria

Players have spoken, and the devs have listened, so the Halloween themed Season 6: Toil and Trouble will last a full 60 days. Taking place in the West Valusia region, players are tasked with investigating the haunted cauldrons that have mysteriously been popping up. You may snag a unique potion to add to your inventory or you might draw the unwanted attention of a witch - Convener or Coveness - ready to keep their bubbly brew from making its way into your hands. You can also show off your decorating skills in the ongoing Halloween decoration competition.

Lord of the Rings Online Harvestmath Festival

Another festival that was delayed this year, LotRO’s Harvestmath Festival begins on October 27 and runs through November 23. Visiting the Haunted Burrow, trying your hand at mini-games, and drinking - especially drinking - are just a few of the activities that you can partake in during Harvestmath. Just make sure you don’t drink too much and miss your chance to gather up all the items available.

Maplestory - Return to Prendergast Mansion

Limited-time and permanent skins and mounts are on tap when you return to Prendergast Mansion this Halloween season. Completing all five episodes will also net you a new outfit set, a witch hat, and a haunted mansion chair.

Neverwinter Masquerade of Liars


Seek out the Masquerade Master in Protector’s Enclave to kick off your daily quests during the Masquerade of Liars. Completing quests earn Masquerade Tokens which can be traded in for some special rewards. Those willing to put in the time will be able to upgrade their way to a legendary artifact, or spend that time collecting the materials needed to rebuild a broken enchanted broom mount.

Phantasy Star Online 2 - PHantasy Star Halloween

PSO2 Halloween

Phantasy Star Online 2 is doing Halloween right this year. You’ll get into the holiday mood as soon as you set foot in your ship’s Halloween themed Gateway Area. There’s a limited-time Urgent Quest, Trick or Treat, that needs to be done, and a new Expedition that requires a night-time jaunt through the Bewitched Woods. Then, after helping Xia get Boo-tified by doing some Halloween-themed Client Orders, you’ll finally be able to head over to Franca’s to start up a Halloween party that’ll be talked about for years to come.

Pirate 101 - Halloween At Skull Island

Skull Island is all decked out for Halloween. Grab a Haunted Galleon from the Crown Shop, or go with a monstrous mount or terrifying pet instead. In any event, be sure to enter the Halloween costume and decorating contest.

Revelation Online Trick or Treat Event

Revelation Online

Just like going door to door on Halloween, Revelation Online is presenting you with two doors and it’s up to you to choose which one to knock on. One door has a trick, the other has a treat. You can test your luck once an hour every day until the event ends November 5, so even if you get a few tricks I’m pretty sure your treat bag wil fill up in no time.

Riders of Icarus - Halloween 2020

Riders of Icarus

Seek out Dyvla at the tunnel going to Victory Plaza to begin your daily quests. There’s plenty of killing to be done, culminating with the clearing of the Haunted Manor. Halloween Pumpkin Vouchers earned along the way can be exchanged for a plethora of useful loot.

Rift - Autumn Harvest

Daily and weekly quests are on tap throughout the Autumn Harvest, lasting until November 19. The quest givers, located in Meridian and Sanctum, will put you on the path towards earning some serious goodies.

Secret World Legends - Samhain

Jack of the Lantern is back and it’s up to you to stop him from claiming the power from the world tree. Each hour, you and 39 other agents can enter a portal near the center of Agartha which will transport you deep into its branches to battle Jack. Once defeated, an Anima Surge will allow you to open a Mysterious Jack-O-Lantern and claim the treats inside.

Star Citizen Halloween 2020 and Day of the Vara

Star Citizen Halloween

Throughout the month of October pilots will be able to collect 3 eerie helmets. The Snarling Vanduul and Hill Horror helmets will be available in-game, with the Fiendishly Dark Bear helmet available for a small pledge at the RSI Shop. Drake Interplanetary will also celebrate the Day of the Vara holiday by offering up a new paint scheme for the Drake Cutlass.

Trove - Shadow’s Eve


If you want to participate in the Shadow’s Eve event make sure you’ve completed the Qubeslick quest line, then head to the Shadowy Station at the Event Hall in the Hub world. There are multiple dungeons and other locations to gather crafting materials that can be used at the Shadowy Station.

Warframe Nights of Naberus

Daughter (who debuted in the recent update Heart of Deimos) is offering limited-time rewards in exchange for Mother Tokens until the Nights of Naberus event ends on November 9. Daughter has ghoulish blueprints, glyphs, skins, and everything else a Tenno could use to get everyone into the spirit of Naberus.

Wizard 101 - Halloweenfest 2020

Jack Hallow is prepared to send you on quests all around Wizard City, and that’s just a start to the festivities. You can also visit Dwargon, the Death Professor, to find out how you can help Farmer Tarley with some unruly crops in the Haunted Cave. Halloween themed items abound in-game, or just grab what you want from the Crown Shop.

World of Warcraft - Hallow’s End

World of Warcraft

Hallow’s End is in full swing in both the retail version of World of Warcraft and WoW Classic. The annual event has changed and grown over the years so there are differences between the two events. There’s a lot to cover and the team at WoWHead has put together a guide for each version - retail and classic.

Not So MMO

There are still plenty of Halloween treats to be found even if you aren’t into big parties and all the hoopla that the MMOs bring. There’s plenty of goodies to be found in the seasonal quests of the looter-shooters and RockStar has mixed in some Halloween mischief to the day to day mayhem of their online offerings. The co-op centric games also get into the act, sprinkling their own brand of Halloween content.. And of course the battle royale and other player vs player games refuse to be left out in the cold by giving players a ton of special game modes and cosmetic goodies to indulge in.

Apex Legends - Fight of Fright

Borderlands 3 - Bloody Harvest

Call of Duty Warzone - The Haunting of Verdansk

Dauntless -  Dark Harvest

Destiny 2 - Festival of the Lost

Fallout 76 - Atomic Shop Items

Fortnite - Fortnitemares

GTA Online - https://www.mmorpg.com/news/halloween-hits-gta-onlines-los-santos-2000119835

Hyperscape - Halloween 2020

Overwatch - Halloween Terror

Red Dead Online - Halloween 2020

Rocket League - Haunted Hallows

World of Tanks - Mirny-13

World of Warships Legends - Rust'N'Rumble


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