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Carolyn: The Last Stand

Carolyn Koh Posted:
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Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) Blog: The Last Stand

Blog Entry #3 by Carolyn Koh

We were snuck in early by the Turbine guys so we could spend some quality time with them before the crowds got in. So while the servers were booting up, we watched as Meghan rocked Guitar Hero and we all picked up Magic: The Gathering Mousepads.

The crowd was sparse in the morning of the last day of PAX, which made taking pictures easier for our photographer. The lights were also low for some reason and that made even more optimum conditions for capturing screens.

I had hands-on time with the DDO PvP module, running through a few scenarios and getting totally whipped, then it was to Warhammer for some hands-on prior to an interview.

Dana was knocked out of the Table Tennis finals by a competitor who not only owned the game, he had a coach! Booo! Ah well, sour grapes. :)

We toured the exhibit floor one final time, getting our last interviews and final pictures before heading off to write our articles and format the photos for your reading and viewing pleasure.

Until another event and another blog… Cheers! Carolyn “Sylvene” Koh out.

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