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Carolyn: Fury and Photos

Carolyn Koh Posted:
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Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) Blog: Fury and Photographs

Blog Entry #2 by Carolyn Koh

Day Two at PAX, the Exhibit Floor opened, with little fanfare, but lots of gamers. I wandered around, checking out the various games, picking up a comic book from the Prima Games booth, a bit of swag here and there before joining Dana for hands-on Fury.

It took a couple of the fast paced four on four Vortex games to get used to the interface and figure out what the skills did, the team did decently on the third game, with me placing most of the Crystals - I was a crystal stealing freak once a Dev showed me that I could steal them from the opposing team - we rocked the 4th with Dana and I playing pure melee builds with a healer each.

That got the adrenaline going and with a game high going, I managed to tease Dana into playing competitive Table Tennis. Yes. That’s right, you heard me. Ping Pong! On the X-Box 360! He did so well that I got a call later in the afternoon with “Umm… we may have a scheduling conflict. I… umm… made the finals tomorrow.”

The wrap-up was another party, this time, sponsored by Turbine. More free food, free drinks and a peek at Lord of the Rings Online. Catch the crowd in our PAX photo gallery and put faces to your favorite community reps.

More great photos will be coming soon. That’s one advantage of having a Game Con in my own backyard and an obliging brother who used to be a Pro photographer. Here’s a shout out to Gary Koh, our very own PAX photographer.

P.S. Guess which photos are by Dana.

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