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Aaron: Day Two

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Austin Game Conference Blog: Day Two

Blog Entry #2 by Aaron Roxby

So, forsaking the patch that plagued me yesterday (traded it for Nicorette), today was, as Cube would say, “A Good Day”. I arrived at the exhibit hall just in time for the grand opening of the showroom. Now, as has been expressed, I am the noob in these proceedings. As such a noob, I must confess that I loved AGCs constraint. I entered the showroom floor and encountered not a booth babe, not some mind-blowing light show but rather a series of tasteful green-clad tables.

AGC is literally serious business. Serious folks without a job meeting serious folks with jobs to offer. I spent the day meeting with all manor of folk, from the serious tech side to the fluffy Hollywood side, each of which will be lavishly detailed in later articles on this site.

So, I concluded my grueling (fun) day of journalism with a jaunt to Sony Online Entertainment’s party at the Buffalo Billiard’s, downtown. It was a fancy spread; however I had trouble discerning the EverQuest II videos they were playing from the Vanguard videos they were playing. While I cared for neither, you may interpret that as you wish. In either case, they had big sceens, chicken wings and tasty drinks. No rational man could consider that a failure.

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