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CCP Games Previews EVE Online's Upcoming Pirate Mechanics In New Havoc Video

EVE Online's next expansion, Havoc, launches next month, and the team at CCP Games is pulling the veil back on one of its major features, explaining how working with New Eden's pirate factions will work.

EVE Online Dives Deeper Into Zarzakh And The Deathless In New Developer Video

EVE Online developer CCP Games is ramping up the narrative heading into November's Havoc expansion, and the team breaks down the design process behind the new Zarzakh region and the Deathless Circle at the center of the expansion.

EVE FanFest 2023 - EVE Online's Next Expansion, Havoc, Lets You Team Up With Pirates On November 14th

EVE Online's second expansion of 2023, Havoc, goes live in November, continuing the story from August's Epiphany update. The new expansion allows players to team up with Pirate factions, Angel Cartel and Guristas, to corrupt the fabric of New Eden.

EVE Online's Capsuleers Will Hunt For Hidden Stargates In New Operation Event,  Epiphany

The latest update to EVE Online's universe, a narrative event titled 'Epiphany,' will see its players hunt for hidden stargates around New Eden, all leading up to the reveal of the next expansion.

EVE Online's Upwell Structures Are Getting More Personal In Viridian Expansion

EVE Online is continuing its push towards its first of two expansions this year, Viridian, which is out later this month. This time the CCP Games team is showcasing some ways in which Upwell Structures are getting a little more personal with some more customization options.

EVE Online's New Lancer Tech II Dreadnoughts Bring A Powerful AOE Punch To New Eden, Coming With Viridian Expansion

EVE Online debuted new Tech II Dreadnoughts today, which were hinted at by Hilmar during the anniversary stream earlier this month. The new Lancers bring a powerful AOE attack to EVE Battlefields, aiming to shake up capital combat in the spaceship MMO.

EVE Online's Viridian Update Brings More Visual Improvments To Its Internet Spaceships

EVE Online continues to improve the visuals of its game, with the EVE Evolved initiative still in full swing. Viridian, the upcoming expansion hitting the space MMO next month, sees more of these improvements, from volumetric nebula clouds to visual upgrades across ships.

EVE Online's Latest Scope Video Details The Gains Of The Amarr Empire, Sets Up Story For Uprising Expansion

Narrative has become one of the major pillars EVE Online developer CCP Games has been pushing for years now, and the last few major updates have proved this out over the years. The story itself continues with the latest Scope video, detailing the gains of the Amarr Empire and the growing concerns of its repurposing abandoned Triglavian technology in New Eden.

EVE Online Talks Upcoming Mining Addition To New Player Experience In Latest Pulse Video

EVE Online's latest Pulse, CCP Games takes a look at the upcoming changes being brought to the New Player Experience, specifically the new mining tutorial.

EVE Online Celebrates Anniversary Of Pochven With New Scope Video

EVE Online the last few years has been a world of active war. And while that's true the majority of the time, this felt different with both a large-scale player war waging alongside a PvE generated one against the Triglavian Collective. And the last effects of that war, namely the new region of Pochven, are still being felt in New Eden.