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EVE Online Articles

Thinking With Wormholes

MMORPG.com EVE Online writer Phil Wallace details his team's experiences working and living on the other side of a wormhole for 11 months in search of fun and profit.

EVE As A Social Game - New Eden

MMORPG.com's Jon Wood writes this look at how CCP is expanding their game and its marketing to highlight the social aspects of their sandbox, including the introduction of a new social tool known as New Eden.

Be Like Columbus - Wormhole Exploration

MMORPG.com EVE Online Correspondent Kevin Schram writes this look at wormholes and wormhole exploration introduced with the Apocrypha expansion to CCP's sandbox MMO.

Sovereignty Changes

MMORPG.com EVE Online Correspondent Kevin Schram writes this in-depth look at the changes coming to the game's sovereignty system.

Staring Death in the Face

MMORPG.com EVE Online expert Andrew Wallace writes this look at the new pod designs in EVE Online as he waxes poetic about death in the sandbox-style MMO.

Factional Warfare Issues

MMORPG.com EVE Online Correspondent Andrew Wallace writes this look at some of the down sides to EVE online's factional warfare system and what can be done to fix it.

All About Singularity

MMORPG.com EVE Online guru Andrew Wallace writes this look at Singularity, the test server for CCP's EVE Online.

A Look at Command Ships

MMORPG.com EVE Online COrrespondent Andrew Wallace writes this overview of command ships in CCP's EVE Online.

Walking In Stations Presentation (FanFest)

MMORPG.com is at this year's EVE FanFest and yesterday the kind folks at CCP gave us a presentation on the highly anticipated upcoming Walking In Stations feature, releasing some information that we knew, and even some that we didn't.

Mission Running... Why and How.

MMORPG.com EVE Online Correspondent Tom Yeates writes this article on running missions in EVE Online.