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EVE Vegas 2019 - What I'm Hoping To See

Every year, EVE Online fans descend upon Las Vegas to celebrate and discuss internet spaceships. Each year the event brings announcements and more to players eager to see what the future holds for CCP’s grand sandbox experiment. And after the year CCP has had with EVE Online, it’ll be interesting what the team has planned for the last EVE Vegas for the foreseeable future. Here’s what I’m hoping we’ll see and hear about at this year’s event.

Doomsday - How Purpose is Being Returned to Capital Ships

My favorite moment of EVE Vegas 2015 was the swell of the crowd when the first new doomsday weapon was shown to the audience that had travelled around the world to pack themselves into the Planet Hollywood conference center. As the laser beam charged, you could sense a spike in tension that, as the beam finally exploded forward and began cleaving a path across the sky, erupted into applause and excitement as fans cheered and screamed.

I Was in Space

For two beautiful minutes I was a fighter pilot in space. Even though we were in a wide open hall with crepes being made not far away every one of my senses told me I was in space flying a fighter of some sort. There were enemies out there somewhere, two people who were in reality sitting just across from me were coming after me. I was playing EVE: Valkyrie. I was in space.

Valkyrie: Building the Cockpit

Getting hands-on EVE: Valkyrie, CCP’s space dogfighting sim, was one of the highlights of this year’s EVE FanFest. After pulling himself out of the virtual cockpit, Gareth Harmer interviewed Senior Programmer Sigurdur Gunnarsson about what it took to build this incredible VR experience.

VR Dogfighting IN SPACE

I’ll admit that I have a peculiar fascination with the EVE franchise, even though I’ve yet to partake in anything related to EVE Online first-hand. There’s something decidedly hardcore about CCP Games’ flagship title that speaks to me, and although Dust 514 didn’t turn out so excitingly, the spinoff certainly still piqued my interest.

First Hand Preview Of EVE Valkyrie

EVE Online: Valkyrie is poised to set the gaming world on its ear with a unique gaming perspective. We recently had the opportunity to get a first hand on look at the game and have a terrific preview to share. Read on before heading to the comments to chat.

Demoing EVE-VR at E3 2013

During E3, the MMORPG.com team got together with CCP Games to check out the next ten years of EVE Online. One of the things they enjoyed seeing was the "EVE-VR" in action. See what the team thought and then head to the comments.

Peeking Into the Crystal Ball

During last week's FanFest, CCP spent a lot of time talking about the next ten years for EVE Online and what players might expect to see. These folks do not lack for ideas as you'll see in our peek into the crystal ball. Let us know what you think of the plans in the comments.

Winter Expansion 'Retribution' Unveiled

We recently attended a press conference with CCP Games’ Ned ‘CCP Manifest’ Coker to learn all about EVE Online’s upcoming winter expansion – Retribution. Today, we’re bringing you all the details, so be sure to read on!

Fanfest: Revelations II & III and More

In the final of three EVE Online Fanfest 2006 articles, Dana Massey reports on Revelations II and III, afternoon presentations and the fanfest itself.

Fanfest: Avatars, Linux & Announcements!

EVE's Fanfest was a big news event. In the second of three articles, we cover a grab bag of major and minor announcements as well as some big changes on the CCP horizon.

Fanfest: Revelations I & White Wolf

We begin our reports on the EVE Fanfest 2006 with a look at what is to come in Revelations (Kali) I and what the White Wolf deal means to CCP. Part one of many.

E3 Path to Kali Preview

EVE splits their expansion up, here is the plan.

GDC: Kali Preview

Noah Ward let us in on what's to come from the floor of GDC.

Exodus Preview

Reed Hubbard had an exclusive opportunity to take the upcoming free expansion for EVE Online - "Exodus" for a test drive. Find out what he thought about it!