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Forsaken Fortress Update Hits EVE Online on May 26

New "Abandoned" state introduced

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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EVE Online’s latest update, Forsaken Fortress, is set to arrive on May 26. Here are the details.

The update is set to feature additional improvements and features to the mechanics of structures. Note, this update is part of the Eclipse Quadrant.

Given the thousands of structures built in New Eden, some of them are no longer in use and require maintenance and upkeep. The resulting cleanup has proven to be frustrating as noted by the team.

To that end, the team will introduce a new state for these fortresses, called “Abandoned.” This is set to apply to standard structures and FLEX structures. Here’s what happened when a structure becomes “Abandoned.”

  • No Reinforcement Phases - The structure will have no reinforcement phases, meaning it can be destroyed in one session (Damage caps will still be in effect. If a structure is currently in a reinforced state at the moment the abandonment timer expires, then that reinforce timer will operate as normal but no new reinforcement phases will be allowed).
  • No Tethering - The structure will not provide any tethering assistance.
  • No Asset Safety - Items will not be put into asset safety when the structure is destroyed (Wormhole located structures will continue to operate with no asset safety for all states).

The team then outlines a couple of diagrams helping to illustrate standard structures vs FLEX structures as they move from Full Power, Low Power, and Abandoned. They also show the phases for shield, armor, and hull vulnerability. These changes will hit the Singularity test server shortly.


Poorna Shankar