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EVE Online's Player War Is Proving To Be Expensive

Racking Up The ISK

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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EVE Online is dealing with multiple wars at the moment - one as part of the ongoing struggle against the Triglavian Collective, and a player war that has been ongoing since the beginning of July. As the war rages on, the real-world value of ships being lost continues to rack up.

Wars in EVE Online have consistently been talked about in the amount of capital lost on either side, less so the amount of pilots lost, given that each capsuleer is a clone being continually downloaded, therefore more or less immortal. By listing out the ISK value, however, it can be clear to see exactly how much this war costs either side - both in game and in actual US dollars.

Back in 2014, a major battle caused thousands of destroyed ships, totaling over $300,000. 2018 saw the Siege of 9-4 involving well over $1M worth of ships in conflict with each other, earning it a spot in the Guiness Book of World Records.

While the latest war, called by some World War Bee 2, isn't breaking records - yet - it's definitely on track to be an expensive one. For a brief introduction on the player war, make sure to check out EVE player and occassional MMORPG contributor Jin'taan's excellent video on the subject.

On the front page of zKillboard, a site that tracks kills in New Eden, some of the most expensive kills have been Keepstars in the last seven days. Keepstars are massive player structures that are incredibly important strategic points for alliances - and they aren't cheap. Keepstars can be valued over $1.7K in real world assets. In the latest war, according to CCP, $112,000 in ships and structures have been destroyed so far, with three Keepstars lost to the Imperium coalition.

Keepstar Most Valuable Kills EVE Online

The player war always brings some of what makes EVE Online great to the fore, and hopefully we'll see record breaking battles and war-costs. YouTuber Pranav Singh has posted a video last week showing some of the sights and struggles of players in the latest war, which you should definitely check out below. Additionally, if you're looking to get into the EVE universe on the go, check out our review in progress of EVE Echoes which hit mobile devices early last week.


Joseph Bradford

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