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CCP Announes EVE Online Invasion Chapter 2, Releasing November 26

By Poorna Shankar on October 25, 2019 | News | 0

CCP today announced the second chapter in EVE Online Invasion which is set to be the next step in the Triglavian story that has thrown New Eden deep into conflict on November 26.

New features include the much anticipated Shareable Bookmarks which will allow pilots to share specific locations in New Eden with alliance members and anyone else they choose, with control over access and duration, according to the press release.

A new dreadnought, the Zirnita, will also be introduced and will come equipeed with the  Entropic Disintegrator weapon. New challenges along with more frequent content updates are also promised.

EVE has always been about actions having lasting and meaningful consequences, and with EVE Online: Invasion our goal has been to provide a universe-changing event for our community to experience in familiar space,” said Bergur Finnbogason, EVE Online’s Creative Director. “Chapter 2 will double down on that promise, with some really exciting and impactful features!”

Learn more here.


Poorna Shankar

A highly opinionated avid PC gamer, Poorna blindly panics with his friends in various multiplayer games, much to the detriment of his team. Constantly questioning industry practices and a passion for technological progress drive his love for the video game industry. He pulls no punches and tells it like he sees it. He runs a podcast, Gaming The Industry, with fellow writer, Joseph Bradford, discussing industry practices and their effects on consumers.