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EVE Online Is Gearing Up For Its Winter Nexus Event, Coming On December 5th

EVE Online is gearing up for its next seasonal event, the Winter Nexus, which hits New Eden on December 5th. The event brings winter snowstorms to space (because video games), giving players a chance to earn SKINs, loot and more.

CCP Announces Phase II Playtest for Upcoming Blockchain EVE-Universe Project Awakening

As CCP Games expands the EVE Online universe with new projects, upcoming AAA blockchain game, Project Awakening, seeks phase 2 playtesters.

EVE Online's Vanguard Is Hosting Its First Strike Test On December 7th

Back at EVE Fanfest, CCP Games officially unveiled its upcoming FPS module set in the EVE Universe, EVE Online: Vanguard. Now we know when players will get their hands on the FPS this year.

An EVE Online Player Has Pulled Off A Major Heist In One Of MMO's Most Powerful Alliances

Betrayals and EVE Online are almost synonymous with each other twenty years into the MMO's operation, but a heist pulled off at the expense of one of the MMO's most powerful alliances hit a bit differently yesterday as Havoc launched.

EVE Online's Havoc Expansion Launches Today, Bringing Pirate Corruption To New Eden

EVE Online's second expansion of the year, Havoc, has launched this morning, bringing new ways to engage with factional warfare, new ships and more to the New Eden star cluster.

EVE Online NPC Pirates Are Starting To Attack Player Structures As Havoc Patch Notes Drop

The Deathless Circle in EVE Online's upcoming expansion, Havoc, is angling to sow some chaos in New Eden, and the events earlier today are glimpse into that future as Guristas Pirates attacked a player structure this morning.

EVE Online's Latest Scope Report Sets The Stage For Pirate Chaos Coming In Havoc

EVE Online's latest in-universe news report, The Scope, sets the stage for some of the pirate chaos that is poised to descend upon New Eden as the latest expansion, Havoc, inches closer to release.

Down The Rabbit Hole Documentary Series Drops 6-hour EVE Online Episode, Hits Over 1.5 Million Views In Seven Days

EVE Online is the subject of a new documentary by prolific YouTube documentarian Fredrick Knudsen. Known for his series "Down the Rabbit Hole," Knudson did just that when detailing the twenty-year history of EVE Online in a six-hour video.

EVE Online Highlights The Corporation Changes Coming Wtih Havoc Expansion This Month

EVE Online is gearing up for its upcoming expansion, Havoc, which launches on November 14th. Since its announcement at FanFest 2023 in Iceland earlier this Fall, the CCP Games team has been showcasing the various changes coming with Havoc, this time how they are building stronger organizations.

Latest EVE Online Pulse Video Details Zarzakh Awakening, Crimson Harvest Events

EVE Online is coming off a successful Fanfest late last month, and the team at CCP Games have released a new Pulse video highlighting the ongoing activities in EVE leading up till next month's Havoc expansion.

The Making Of EVE Online Documentary From The Escapist Now Live

Filmed last year at Fanfest 2022, a new documentary chronicling the making of EVE Online by The Escapist, is now live. The documentary takes viewers through the early years of the MMO's development, with interviews from developers chronicling the history.

EVE Online Project Discovery Phase Four Announced, This Time to Help Researchers Study Immune Diseases

Phase four of Project Discovery,the collaboration between scientific researchers and the EVE Online community, is getting a phase four in 20240

EVE Online's New FPS, EVE Vanguard, Is An PvPvE Extraction Shooter, Test Coming This December

EVE Online shocked attendees by pulling the veil back on its upcoming FPS made by the London dev team. EVE Vanguard is a new PvPvE extraction shooter made in UE5 that will be integrated with EVE Online from day one.

EVE Online's Monument Name Finder Is Back Online Ahead Of Fanfest 2023

Ahead of this weekend's EVE Fanfest 2023, CCP Games has brought its namefinder tool back online, letting players find their character names on the revamped Worlds within a World monument in Reykjavik, Iceland.

EVE Online Is Getting A Board Game, Partnering With Titan Forge To Kickstart This Fall

EVE Online is getting a board game, bringing New Eden's Internet Spaceships to the tabletop.