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Interview: EVE Online Equinox Feedback, Nullsec Foundations, And Open Letters

EVE Online's Equinox expansion has not been without its detractors since its June launch. This week we saw some pretty big names in the EVE community share their thoughts, prompting CCP to respond to the feedback. We sat down with CCP's Peter Farrell to talk about the player reaction, taking on feedback, and how Equinox is simply not a one-and-done shot at changing nullsec.

EVE Online Equinox Launches: Talking Nullsec Changes, MJFGs on Carriers And EVE Vanguard

EVE Online's next expansion, Equinox is now live, bringing new changes to nullsec in the form of new structures, resources, and more. But it's also bringing some new features for everyone, most notably its SKINR tool for ships.

EVE Online Is Working On Player-Created Missions, And Honestly It Makes Perfect Sense

EVE Online's developers are hard at work building the content that'll fill out 2024, and during an interview with CCP Games last week, we learned that the team is aiming to add even more player agency into New Eden through player-made quests.

Last Week's EVE Online Heist Looks To Be In The Trillions Of ISK, Though We're Still Left Asking 'Why?'

As EVE Online was headed towards downtime last week in anticipation of its next expansion, Havoc, a player named Jay Amazingness, decided to wreak a little havoc of his own. A new video shows that heist in action while players involved start to talk about exactly what went down.

EVE Online Is Bringing New Pirate Changes, So We Asked New Eden's Resident Pirate Lord About Them

EVE Online's Havoc expansion is an exciting one, especially players who have wanted to team up with the universe's existing pirate factions since day one. But what do capsuleers who fancy themselves pirates really think of the changes? We asked New Eden's most prominent Pirate Lord about them.

EVE Online's Viridian Is Giving More Ways For Corporations To Provide Gameplay Goals For Their Members

With Viridian coming to EVe Online this month, CCP Games has started into the homestretch, releasing their final dev blog about new features coming to the spaceship MMO. This time the focus is on robust tools corporations can use to give their members a bit of direction.

EVE Online Viridian Launches In June; Aims To Empower Player Corporations Even More

EVE Online's next expansion, Viridian, hits in June, bringing more tools for player corporations as the next stage of warfare hits New Eden.

EVE Online's Latest Northern War Shows An Aggressive Change In Fleet Tactics Since World War Bee 2

EVE Online's players have been busy the last few months, with war ramping in the null sec regions of known space. The recent clashes in New Eden are part of a larger struggle that has been going on since March of this year, culminating in the recent battle over the Keepstar on Easter Weekend in the nullsec region of X47L-Q. 

EVE Vegas 2022 Interview: Warping From Player To Developer At CCP Games

CCP Games feels almost unique in the amount of players who have made the jump to developing the game they've loved for so long. Bradford sat down with two such developers, CCP Swift and CCP Spider this past weekend during EVE Vegas to talk about their paths from player to developer.

Interview: Talking EVE Online's Community Excitement, EVE Uprising And More With CCP Games

EVE Online has felt as though it's been in a holding pattern these past months since May's Fanfest 2022. And in some way it has been, as the team preps for its first expansion in years to the sci-fi MMO.

EVE Fanfest 2022 Interview: EVE Forever, And The Third Decade

EVE Forever is a slick marketing phrase, but to the developers at CCP Games that Bradford has spoken to over the years, it's much more than that. It's a developer imperative.

EVE Online Interview: Learning From The Prospector Pack, PVP And Teaching New Players

EVE Online's dev team is no stranger to controversy. We sat down to talk about the response to the Prospector's Pack as well as the learnings from the recent Free For All event that took New Eden by storm late last month.

Interview: EVE Online's Quadrants And The Road To Fanfest

Back at EVE Vegas 2019, CCP's Bergur Finnbogason announced to EVE Online fans the introduction of Quadrant updates. However, as many might have noticed, the latest update hasn't quite hit just yet. CCP explains the road to Fanfest in our latest interview.

Interview: EVE Online's Fanfest, Blockchain And Doctor Who

EVE Online is kicking 2022 off with a bang with its first major cross over event in the MMO's history. But there is so much more going on at developer CCP Games as 2022 starts to deepen, and we sat down with the team to talk about what's on the horizon.

Interview: As EVE Online Players Protest, CCP Responds To Feedback Regarding Proposed New Dawn Mining Changes

EVE Online has been a flurry of activity both in game and outside of New Eden this past weekend with players protesting and showing displeasure at proposed changes coming with the latest New Dawn quadrant. We sat down with CCP Games to talk about the feedback and how the team is moving forward from here.