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MMO Developers: I Need More Developer-Driven, FOMO-Causing RP Events In My MMORPGs, Please.

The last two weeks have seen major story-driven events happen in EVE Online. As someone who doesn't necessarily care about annual events in MMOs, these events have Bradford intrigued for a few reasons: they feel spontaneous, they are story-driven, but most importantly: they are limited to a one-time affair.

EVE Anywhere Is Ruining My Productivity

Ever since Bradford could start playing EVE Online in a browser window, he's been even more hooked on the MMO - probably with worrying results.

MMOSide Chat - Do You Like Fast Travel In MMOs?

As Bradford played EVE Online this past weekend, one thing that he just could not stop thinking about is how much gametime is spent going from one place to another. As such, he started thinking about fast travel in MMOs, and how much he missed it in this one. Are you someone who likes fast travel systems, or do you feel that it makes MMOs too easy?

MMOSide Chat: What Are Some MMO Activities You Do To 'Unwind?'

Let's face it: Life is hard. Sometimes we need that place we all can just relax and unwind from real life. Some of us find that piece of zen in books, art, or music. However, gaming has often been touted by many as a way to simply unplug from the stress of real life an unwind for a bit.

Playing EVE Online In A Browser Window Is Really Cool - When It Works

Earlier this week EVE Online announced that the long-running space MMO was going to be playable in a browser window, bringing the game to players in a new way. While still in Beta, I checked out the experience this week and came away pretty impressed, at least when it worked.

Getting That First EVE Online PvP Kill Can Be Invigorating

Over the weekend, EVE Online corporations A Band Apart and Stay Frosty hosted their 7th annual Frigate Free-For-All, giving players old and new alike the chance to unwind and shoot internet spaceships without the stressors of PvP in EVE Online. And even without the stressors normally involved in EVE combat, the experience was invigorating.

EVE Online's New Jump Tunnels Spice Up Travel In A Much Needed Way

Taking the mundane and spicing it up is a challenge every game developer faces over the life of their game. EVE Online has done this rather well in the recent Reign Quadrant update to the MMO, giving interstellar travel a much-needed facelift.

MMOSide Chat: Learning From Your MMO Mistakes

Bradford laments not learning from his own mistakes when playing EVE Online in this edition of our fireside MMO chats.

EVE Online's Wild Changes The Last Few Days Have Got Me Hooked Again

There are so many unknowns in EVE Online right now thanks to the events of the last few days. What do all the gate fluctuations mean long term for New Eden? How will capsuleers recover and regroup with the formation of TrigSec, or T-Space? Bradford dives into why he feels more excited than ever to undock and fly in EVE Online.

EVE Online's HyperNet Relay Feels A Bit Like A Gamble

When EVE Online’s HyperNet Relay hits Tranquility, the denizens of New Eden will be able to scratch the itch left by CCP’s shut down of third party raffle operations a few years back. But what exactly is the HyperNet Relay, and how could it affect New Eden for better or worse? Join Bradford as he explores it further.

EVE Echoes Impressions from EVE Vegas 2019

EVE Echoes is ambitious. And we had a chance to go hands on at EVE Vegas 2019, and so far, the MMO feels natural on hand-held devices.

What We Learned About The Future Of EVE Online From The CSM Summit Minutes

Last Friday EVE Online players were given access to the minutes that detailed the latest in a series of biannual meetings between the developers (CCP), and a body of player representatives known as the Council of Stellar Management, who are democratically elected by the player base each year.

What Happened At EVE Online's Berlin's Event, G-Fleet

Over the past weekend, Capsuleers descended upon Berlin, eager to talk internet spaceships and drink great, German beer. Our very own Aaron Denyer had the chance to check out Germany's largest EVE Online gathering.

Rising to Ascension

Ascension, the latest update for EVE Online, brings in a whole host of industrial updates. We sent capsuleer and greasemonkey Gareth “Gazimoff” Harmer to investigate.

What Dust 514 Means For Virtual Worlds

MMORPG.com Managing Editor Jon Wood makes use of this editorial to discuss CCP's recent announcement of Dust 51 and how that game, combined with EVE Online, has the potential to change the virtual world space.