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EVE Online Articles

Nathan Richardson: Why Love the Sandbox

EVE Online's always outspoken Executive Producer Nathan Richardson answers the question: Sandbox games have proven that they stand the test of time. Why do you think the sandbox model appeals to players even after all these years?

Sleepers and You

In the most recent dev blog from the folks at EVE Online they take a look at the new Sleeper NPCs and clear up lingering confusion about their new AI capabilities.

How the AI Pew Pews the Player

CCP has posted a new developer blog which goes into detail about the major upgrades to NPC AI for wormhole NPCs in Apocrypha, the next expansion for EVE Online.

A Look at Strategic Cruisers

The folks at CCP recently posted a dev blog where they go into greater detail about one of EVE: Apocrypha's more anticipated features, Tech 3 ships and Strategic Cruisers.

Rookie Revamp

CCP has posted a new dev blog which goes into detail about what players can expect from the New Player Experience that will arrive with the launch of Apocrypha, the next expansion for EVE Online.

Apocrypha and Hardware

The folks at EVE Online have prepared a new dev blog in the run up to the launch of the game's Apocrypha expansion next month, this time around the focus is on the technical side of the game and CCP's efforts to keep the game running smoothly while preparing for growth.

UI Changes in Apocrypha

The folks at CCP are working on a number of new goodies for Apocrypha, EVE Online's next expansion, including new Tech 3 ships with sub-systems. To keep up with a constantly expanding game, EVE's UI team is making changes to the fitting screen, and today we take a look at those changes.

Apocrypha: Wormholes and You

CCP's Whisper has written a developer diary which explains the concept behind Wormholes, and the danger and promise of uncharted space in the upcoming Apocrypha expansion for EVE Online.