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EVE Online Articles

Apocrypha 1.1

MMORPG.com EVE Online Correspondent Andrew Wallace takes a look at the Apocrypha 1.1 patch that was released back on April 16th.

Apocrypha Interview

Recently, MMORPG.com Managing Editor Jon Wood sat down with CCP's Petur Oskarsson to talk about EVE Online's most recent expansion, Apocrypha.

GDC Council of Stellar Management

Jon Wood interviews CCP's Petur Oskarsson on EVE Online's player elected Council of Stellar Management as they head into their third election.

Interview in a Box

MMORPG.com Managing Editor Jon Wood recently spoke to CCP's Ryan Dancey about the the upcoming release of the retail boxed version of EVE Online.

Walking in Stations with Torfi Olafsson

While Attending EVE Fanfest, Managing Editor Jon Wood had the opportunity to speak with CCP's Torfi Frans Olafsson about the Walking in Stations project and how it will be implemented in EVE Online.

Ghost Training Interview

MMORPG.com Managing Editor Jon Wood recently caught up with EVE Online Senior Producer Torfi Frans to talk about the recent announcement that CCP would be removing Ghost Training from their game and some of the controversey that surrounded the announcement.

Empyrean Age Interview

Tony Gonzalez, EVE Online's Lead Writer, and Scott Holden, Lead Content Creator were at Gen Con where we spoke to them about the story behind the Empyrean Age.

Leipzig Interview on Expansion and What Comes Next

At Games Convention in Leipzig, MMORPG.com spoke with EVE Associate Producer Arend Stuhrmann about the Empyrean Age expansion and what's coming up next for the sci-fi MMO.

Leipzig - Council of Stellar Management

At Games Convention in Leipzig, MMORPG.com caught up with EVE's Economist Dr. Eyjolfur Guomundsson to talk about the game's democratically elected Council of Stellar Management and how they are influencing the game.

Leipzig Interview - Walking, Empyrean and More

In Leipzig, Germany, MMORPG.com caught up with the folks from CCP to talk about their game, its recent expansion,future updates and the Council of Stellar Management. Complete videos of these interviews to follow late in the week. Exclusive to the written article though is a discussion of the much-anticipated Walking In Stations feature that is coming to the game.

EVE Novel Excerpt

The folks at CCP have provided us with this excerpt from the upcoming EVE Online novel by Tony Gonzales. The book itself will be available starting on June 19th.

Empyrean Age Dev Chat Log

The folks from CCP joined us on Sunday for a developer chat. Here are the complete logs of that chat for your reading pleasure.

The Empyrean Age Age Expansion

At New York Comic Con, Managing Editor Jon Wood caught up with CCP designer Matt Woodward to talk about the recently announced EVE expansion, "The Empyrean Age".

The Council of Stellar Management

Recently, Community Manager Laura Genender had the oportunity to sit down and talk to Petur Oskarsson, a Researcher and Developer at CCP who is currently working on the Council of Stellar Management, EVE's forray into democracy.

The EVEconomy, An Update

News Manager Keith Cross had a recent discussion with CCP's resident economist, Dr. Eyj├│lfur Gu├░mundsson about the recent Quarterly Economic Report and what it means to players.