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EVE Online Articles

EVE Online - An Interview With the New Community Team

The community team in EVE Online has seen a lot of shake up over the last year. We sat down with the new team to discuss the departures, new faces and what it means for New Eden.

EVE Online Interview - Quadrants And Taking Risks

Developing an MMO isn't easy, and CCP hasn't always been the most agile of developers. That's seemingly changed with its new Quadrant directive. We chat with CCP Burger and Sæmundur Hermannsson about developing EVE in this new environment.

EVE Online Interview: Finding Balance In EVE's Economy, Ecosystem

One topic that has always been up for discussion in EVE Online's New Eden is the health of its economy, and the ecosystem at large. We sat down with Snorri Árnason to discuss the topic at legnth.

EVE Vegas 2019: Learning From Chaos, New Players And More

This past weekend here in Las Vegas, CCP Games and EVE players descended upon the Las Vegas Strip to talk internet spaceships. And with EVE Online having such an interesting year, the team has learned a lot which they hope will make the game better for years to come.

EVE Vegas 2019: Creating Katia Sae

EVE Online has always taken time to celebrate the players who help make its in-game universe, New Eden, feel like a living, breathing universe all its own. In the past decade-plus the interstellar MMORPG has gone on, players themselves have made their mark and entered the histories of New Eden. One of them, Katia Sae, took New Eden by storm when she completed a journey to every star system in EVE without a single ship lost. But how did Katia come to be?

Streaming EVE Online: An Interview with Streamfleet

No other MMO in today’s gaming industry has a more storied, player-driven history than EVE Online. One might argue the legends of “World Firsts!” guilds in WoW can give EVE a run for its money, but simply no other game today can compete with the player-driven and player-created drama that unfolds daily in New Eden. From political controversies to back stabbings and alliance betrayals, the stories of capsuleers in New Eden are the lore many gamers love to learn about.

Space Pope-ing - A Softer Side of EVE

At EVE FanFest in Reykjavik this past weekend, one couldn’t go far without seeing the papal hats of the Sixth Empire adorining bags or hanging around the necks of capsuleers as they went to and from panels and events in the Harpa Concert Hall. The Sixth Empire has operated in EVE Online for years now and while over five hundred people at any given time are active within the Empire, one man has come to define what EVE’s most visible neutral faction does: The Space Pope.

EVE Vegas Keynote - What's Coming to EVE Online Both In-Game & Out

CCP Games made some huge announcements in Las Vegas giving more players the chance to experience more of EVE: Online, both in game and out.

EVE FanFest 2016 - A Journey Through Citadels

Launching today, the Citadels expansion is a significant step for EVE Online. It’s the result of a journey that started with Rubicon, gradually handing more of the nuts and bolts of New Eden into the hands of players. What started as Ghost Sites and simple structures has grown into an artificial intelligence and full-blown Citadels. But this expansion is just a milestone on that journey, with much more to come in the years ahead.

Valkyrie: Ready When the Hardware’s Ready

We caught up with Lead Game Designer Andrew Willans to talk about the latest on EVE: Valkyrie, the space dogfighting shooter from CCP games. Currently in pre-alpha, we touched on weapon balance, player progression, eSports and much more.

Chronicles of New Eden - Shanq Myteia - International Man of Mystery

When the Rorqual landed on grid, the excitement between the 13 pilots waiting for it was palpable. Shanq had done it. Nine months of spying and lying came to fruition in the destruction of one of EVE's most coveted targets: the white whale of New Eden, the Rorqual.

Foundations of a Galactic Future

In the EVE Universe, change is the only certainty. During this year’s EVE FanFest, Gareth Harmer spoke to Senior Producer Andie Nordgren about the vision for EVE Online, and with Architect Kjartan Emilsson about integrating all EVE games into a single Universe.

On the Brink of Rubicon

EVE's latest expansion, Rubicon, is set to launch tomorrow November 19th. In reference to the ancient river in Italy known as "the point of no return", Rubicon refers to the fact that EVE's pilots have grown to defy the Empires which created them. Is it dissent, subversion, or merely the first steps towards the pilots of EVE online claiming the universe as their own? Read on to find out.

Chatting ‘True Stories’ and ‘Source’ at NYCC

We had the chance to sit down with EVE Online creative director Torfi Frans Olafsson and art director Borkur Eiriksson during this year’s New York Comic Con to discuss new initiatives on the EVE Online front, including EVE: True Stories and EVE: Source.

Talking to CCP About Valkyrie with Owen O’Brien

CCP's Valkyrie made quite a splash during the recent summer conventions. We managed to catch up with Owen O'Brien to talk more about the groundbreaking game. See what he had to say before heading to the comments to chat.