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EVE Online Player Honored With Space Sendoff

In a bit of somber news, EVE Online's community remembered a cherished player whose send-off was as spectacular as the life he lived in game. Bruce Spike MacPhee (known as Paradox Olbers in game) was honored this past weekend as his ashes were launched into space via SpaceX.

EVE Online's United Eden Celebrations Are Live Through January 26

EVE Online's United Eden event is now live celebrating new arrivals from the Japanese community.

PSA: EVE Online Abyssal Proving Grounds Event Ends Tomorrow

Here's a friendly PSA. If you've been enjoying EVE Online's Abyssal Proving Grounds event, it ends tomorrow.

EVE Online Players Break The Servers In Second Battle of M2-XFE As World War Bee 2 Rages On

Over the last weekend, EVE Online's player war, dubbed World War Bee 2, escalated, seeing the largest Titan engagement in EVE to date. A battle following the Massacre at M2-XFE, however, was less compelling, as the servers running CCP's spacefaring MMO buckled under the "unrivaled numbers" of players attempting to access the battleground.

EVE Online Massacre of M2-XFE Breaks Records Over the Holiday

Yet another EVE Online battle set more records over the holiday period which saw more destruction and players in system.

You Can Check Out Your 2020 EVE Online Achievements in a Personalized Video

2020 was a pretty busy year for EVE Online. Because of that, you can check out everything you accomplished in game through a personalized video.

CCP Looks Back at 2020 with an Ecosystem Outlook Blog, 'Botting and RMT Negatively Affect Everyone'

CCP has released a lengthy blog about EVE Online's ecosystem outlook, which includes what they've learned from 2020, as well as what players have to look forward to in 2021.

EVE Online's World War Bee 2 Combantants Agree To A Christmas Truce

It seems the current ongoing war in EVE Online has had a truce - though not a long-standing, war ending one. Instead, the two sides of EVE's player war have agreed to a truce over the upcoming Christmas holiday.

CCP Games Is Working On Another Online Shooter Set In EVE Universe

CCP Games is at it again, this time teaming up with Sperasoft, in order to create an online shooter set within the EVE universe. The yet-to-be-unveiled game isn't CCP's first forary into shooters, as the team was working on one as recently as 2018.

Are You an EVE Online macOS Player? CCP Has a Client for That - Soon

As Apple moves away from Intel based CPU's and on to building Macs with their own processors, again, a lot of companies have stated that a client transition may be too costly of an undertaking for such a small gaming market. EVE Online developer CCP feels differently, and plans to have a client released natively for macOS soon.

MMOSide Chat: Learning From Your MMO Mistakes

Bradford laments not learning from his own mistakes when playing EVE Online in this edition of our fireside MMO chats.

EVE Online Announces Tweaks Drone Aggression Coming In December

In a new forum post, CCP has announced that they are tweaking drone aggression in EVE Online, likely as a way to combat botting.

New EVE Pulse Details Explosive Velocity Update, Japanese Localization And More

In the latest EVE Pulse, CCP have detailed some of the most recent updates to come, or are coming to New Eden. With new initiatives such as the Explosive Velocity update, EVE's Partnership Program, and the upcoming localization of New Eden in the Japanese market, there is a ton going on in EVE Online.

CCP Games Announce EVE Online Partnership Program

CCP Games announced a new EVE Online partnership program for players, content creators, and more.

Memory Improvements Coming to EVE Online

On the back of several massive battles in EVE Online, you may have noticed that performance has been chugging.