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EVE Online's Player-Elected CSM Voting Results Revealed As CCP Details the Gallente, One Of EVE's Major Empires

EVE Online's player-elected Council of Stellar Management has held its campaign and voting, and now the results are in as CCP unveiled the winners of this year's campaign. And as the summer intensifies, the Icelandic developer is starting to rollout trailers for its Foundation empires, this time showcasing the Gallente Federation.

EVE Online's EVE Academy Resource Hub Announced

CCP Games, the team behind space sandbox EVE Online, has revealed the EVE Academy resource hub with the aim of helping players find career paths. Read on for full details.

EVE Online Is Getting an Actual University Course

Yup. EVE Online is about to get an actual university course, not to be confused with EVE Academy. The course is a collaboration with the University of Iceland meant to explore the science behind people creating and maintaining meaningful relationships, and how games have allowed people to create a new type of connection.

Empires of EVE Volume 2 Is Out Now, Covers The Great Conflicts Of EVE Online

Andrew Groen's Empires of EVE Volume 2 is now out, detailing the next chapter in EVE Online's history and its players. A follow up to his 2016 work, Empires of EVE Volume 1, the second volume picks up where the first left off, offering insight into the complex world of New Eden as told by its players.

EVE Online's 2v2 Gnosis Gambit Live in Abyssal Proving Grounds

EVE Online has received its next Abyssal Proving Grounds PvP instance. And this time, it's a 2v2 Gnosis Gambit. Here are the details if you're interested in participating.

EVE Online Launches EVE Academy, A Resource To Help New Capsuleers In New Eden

EVE Online is known for being a game that can be somewhat complex and daunting to get into as a beginner. CCP has been working for years on how to provide the best ways to keep new players engaged, and its latest endeavor, EVE Academy, aims to do just that.

EVE Online Talks Eighteen Years, Its Foundation And The Humbling Nature Of Working On New Eden

Eighteen years is a long time for anything, especially an ongoing video game like EVE Online. In a genre where many games come and go before even reaching four or five years, EVE has weathered the test of time. We sat down with EVE's Creative Director Bergur Finnbogason and its Brand Manager Sæmundur Hermansson to talk about what eighteen years means to them.

EVE Online's Project Discovery Wins Webby Award For Its Citizen Science Initiative

CCP Games has announced today that their Project Discovery initiative has won the Webby Award for People's Voice Winner In The Games: Public Service, Activism and Social Impact.

EVE Online's Mobile Observatories Available for Test on Singularity

EVE Online's mobile observatories are now available to test on the game's Singularity test environment. If you're looking to hop in and check them out, here are some details you might be interested in knowing.

EVE Online Testing Nullification and Warp Core Stabilizer

Listen up, Capsuleers! Testing has started to EVE Online's nullification and warp core stabilizer gameplay. If you want to hop on Singularity, you'll be able to check out the changes for yourself.

EVE Online Celebrates 18 Years With Ongoing Events and More

In case you missed it, EVE Online recently turned 18. This means it's finally old enough to vote in the United States. More importantly, it means several events and other celebrations are going on right now in the space sandbox until May 18.

MMO Developers: I Need More Developer-Driven, FOMO-Causing RP Events In My MMORPGs, Please.

The last two weeks have seen major story-driven events happen in EVE Online. As someone who doesn't necessarily care about annual events in MMOs, these events have Bradford intrigued for a few reasons: they feel spontaneous, they are story-driven, but most importantly: they are limited to a one-time affair.

EVE Online Receives Two Major Visual Updates Including Jita 4-4 Interior and Aura

Capsuleers, rejoice! CCP announced two major visual updates for EVE Online involving the interior of Jita 4-4 Trade Hub and everyone's favorite AI, Aura.

EVE Online's Latest Quadrant, Foundation, Highlights Its Founding Empires

Last week we started to see some rumblings as the major empires of EVE, at least the NPC ones, were ramping up their conflicts. Today, CCP Games announced the latest Quadrant for EVE Online, Foundation, which highlights those same Empires.

EVE Online's Major RP Events This Week Seem To Be Setting The Stage For An NPC Empire War

If you've been following EVE Online this week, you might have noticed something unique. In a world where we talk mostly about the player war and the great player-run corporations of EVE Online, it's not everyday we see NPC factions bombarding each other. Yet twice this week capsuleers have been treated to these events.