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EVE Online Articles

CCP Introduces Dynamic Bounty System to EVE Online

CCP has introduced a new Dynamic Bounty System into EVE Online. Here are some details.

Interview: EVE Online's Devs Talk Crazy Week, Future of EVE Online

Quadrant 4, Phoenix, hit EVE Online last week, bringing with it monumental shifts in New Eden for the future. We sat down with CCP's Bergur Finnbogason and Sæmundur Hermannsson to talk about the crazy week, and the future of EVE.

Here Are The Highlights of EVE Online's Second Battle of 319

The Second Battle of 319 took place over the weekend in EVE Online where yet another Keepstar was destroyed.

EVE Online's Wild Changes The Last Few Days Have Got Me Hooked Again

There are so many unknowns in EVE Online right now thanks to the events of the last few days. What do all the gate fluctuations mean long term for New Eden? How will capsuleers recover and regroup with the formation of TrigSec, or T-Space? Bradford dives into why he feels more excited than ever to undock and fly in EVE Online.

CCP to Upset the Order of EVE Online in Quadrant 4: Phoenix

CCP has announced the fourth and final EVE Online quadrant for 2020 as the Triglavian invasion is coming to an end. The new quadrant is called Phoenix, and we have a trailer.

EVE Online - Stargate Fears Grow As Triglavians Send Ominous Message To Players

Capsuleers are at the tail end of the Triglavian Collective's invasion of New Eden in EVE Online, and capsuleers might have more things to worry about thanks to signs that the universe's stargate network might be less than stable.

EVE Online Players Break Records With Largest PVP Battle In Gaming History

Earlier this week a major battle in World War Bee 2, the ongoing player war in EVE Online, ravaged the FWST-8 system. Attacking a Keepstar that PAPI was trying to establish, Imperium and Goonswarm prevented this from happening in what ended up being the largest battle in MMO, and video game, history.

EVE Online Billboard Video Warns of Severe Stargate Disruption

A new billboard video warns of severe startgate disruptions in EVE Online, so you might want to take stock.

EVE Online's World War Bee 2 Rages On as Imperium Targets FWST-8 Keepstar

As EVE Online's World War Bee 2 rages on, sacrifices are made all for the cause.

Reminder, EVE Online's Propaganda Contest Ends Tomorrow

As a quick reminder, the Edencom vs Triglavians propaganda contest for EVE Online ends tomorrow.

Week 12 Losses of EVE Online's World War Bee 2 Total Over 20 Billion ISK

EVE Online's current player war World War Bee 2 concluded its twelfth week recently, and losses continued to pile.

EVE Online Gives Update on Banning Policy in Latest EVE Pulse

The latest EVE Pulse video from CCP takes a look at the latest updates to EVE Online, as well as providing a reminder on the harassment policy.

CCP Unveils EVE Online's Resource Distribution Update and People Are Not Happy

CCP has outlined the latest update targeting resource distribution in EVE Online, and, well, people aren't happy.

EVE Online Server Issues Plague 'Supposed Battle of 49-U'

In the ever-evolving universe that is EVE Online, a massive battle took place last night. Or at least, it tried.

Expect Extended Downtime in EVE Online Today

You should expect some extended downtime today in EVE Online as CCP is set to configure some new hardware.