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EVE Online Articles

EVE Online Abyssal Proving Grounds Event Now Open to All

Just after its new update to welcome newer players, EVE Online's Abyssal Proving Grounds event is now open for all takers.

EVE Online: Is The New Player Experience Enough To Get Started?

Ever since Bradford first started covering EVE Online, there has been a refrain from devs and fans alike to improve the new player experience. Well, it's here, but does it set new capsuleers up for success?

EVE Online Welcomes New Players With Big Gateway Update, Epic Store Release

EVE Online has been engaging folks for 18 years, and there's no denying the dedicated community. However, some regard it as being difficult to start. The latest update, Quadrant 3: Gateway, is looking to change that.

Relax And Check Out Iceland's Erupting Volcano With This EVE Online DJ Mix

EVE Online's developers are situated in Iceland, and right now in case you were unaware, there is a volcano technically erupting. Don't worry, it's been going for a while now. CCP Games, the developers behind the space-faring MMO are sharing some of their country's natural beauty with a new video giving some spectacular views of the volcano in action.

No Downtime Again in EVE Online on September 9th

There's going to be another no downtime experiment in EVE, after experiments and data collected showed improvements in downtime reduction. This new experiment is dated for Thursday, September 9th.

Celebrate EVE Online's Caldari Union Day All Week Long

Starting now, you can celebrate Caldari Union Day in EVE Online through September 8.

EVE Online Interview: Learning Lessons In The Aftermath Of World War Bee 2

EVE Online's in-game conflicts aren't just contained to an NPC story or the backdrop of the universe. Players themselves have shaped the course of the fictional universe through its many wars over the course of its almost two-decade history. CCP Games is learning throughout, taking the lessons players are teaching them throughout these large engagements each and every time.

EVE Online Is Expanding Its Browser Client, Giving Away 50K Skill Points This Weekend

EVE Online's EVE Anywhere is being expanded upon, as CCP Games brings its browser-based client to more territories. Additionally, the developers are hosting a bonus skill points weekend, giving capsuleers who log into the MMO free skill points throughout the weekend.

EVE Online's Foundation Day Propaganda Contest in Full Swing

Propaganda is one of the most unique aspects about EVE Online, with players diving in and getting involved. The Foundation Day event is no different, with a propaganda contest underway.

EVE Online Amarr Foundation Day Event Live Through August 12

The Amarr Foundation Day event is live now in EVE Online, bringing various festivities in which to partake through August 12.

EVE Online's Massive World War Bee 2 Seems To Be Over

The war that has been raging since summer of 2020 seems to have ended in EVE Online, as Reddit is awash with propoganda stating that Imperium have won World War Bee 2. This war, which has included battles which have earned the playerbase multiple world records, has raged for over a year, yet now with a PAPI alliance withdrawl from Delve, the end seems to be in sight.

EVE Online Wants Your Advertisements for CCP TV Live Streams

CCP, the developers behind massive space sandbox EVE Online, want you to submit advertisements for a chance of them being shown during CCP TV live streams.

EVE Online's Grand Heist Is Now Live, Trillions Of ISK Up For Grabs

EVE Online's Grand Heist is underway, so capsuleers will want to start putting together their crew to try to ge their hands on the trillions of ISK up for grabs.

EVE Online's CCP Games Talks Changes, Health Of MMO And More In Latest July Update Blog

EVE Online's developer CCP Games has taken to the game's blog to talk about the updates and more seen in the MMO the past, specifically reasonings and individual updates made to facets of the game in order to carry EVE Online into its third decade.

The Grand Heist Hits EVE Online's Test Server, Coming To Live Server Later This Month

EVE Online's latest event centers around The Grand Heist, seeing players fight over large ESS reserve banks holding trillions of ISK for hungry players to loot. Players can take part in the heist right now on the test server, with the event coming to Tranquility late July.