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CCP Banned 70k EVE Online Accounts in 2021, and New Devblog on Security Details Efforts Against RMT and Bots

New devblog reviews 2021 security in EVE Online and efforts against RMT, bots, and fraud.

EVE Online's New Player Experience Gets Career Program, Updated Career Agent Dungeons

EVE Online's continued effort to update their new player experience moves forward today with the release of its latest update. This time players can expect to see a dedicated career program added to the MMO, as well as expanded graphical upgrades, including revamping career agents and dungeon sites.

EVE Online: Why So Many MMOs Try To Replicate Its Success

EVE Online is unlike any other MMORPG out there. As such, we constantly hear about it as an inspiration for other sci-fi MMOs coming to the market. But why is that? Kanishka explores in his latest.

EVE Online Players Elect Its 17th Council Of Stellar Management, Null-Blocs Still Dominate

EVE Online's democratically elected player council, the Council of Stellar Management, was officially unveiled yesterday by CCP Games. The players represent the interests of capsuleers across New Eden and work in conjunction with CCP Games to help ensure player voices and needs are heard.

EVE Online Is Updating The Look Of Career Agents, Testing DX12 And More

In a new blog post, CCP Games detailed the foundation it's building for its sci-fi MMO, EVE Online. The team started to lay out that vision at EVE Fanfest in May, and is continuing with its tests coming to its Singularity test server.

EVE Anywhere Gives Capsuleers Flexibility With Cloud-Based Access From Virtually Anywhere

As long as you have a modern browser and a strong enough connection, you can now play EVE Online wherever you can connect, as the new cloud-based access of EVE Anywhere launches.

EVE Online Is Closing Out Capsuleer Day Celebrations With An Abyssal Free-For-All

The 19th anniversary celebrations for EVE Online are coming to a close, and CCP Games is closing them out with a bang. The Second Capsuleer Day Proving Grounds event brings a new free-for-all challenge to the MMO.

EVE Fanfest 2022 Interview: EVE Forever, And The Third Decade

EVE Forever is a slick marketing phrase, but to the developers at CCP Games that Bradford has spoken to over the years, it's much more than that. It's a developer imperative.

Is There An MMO Playstyle You've Struggled To Get Into, But Wanted To Badly?

There are multiple ways to approach playing an MMO, though often the ones that come to mind immediately are the holy trinity: tank, DPS and heals. However, there's more to it than that - are you a hardcore PvPer, Raider, PvE player, crafter? Is there a playstyle you've tried to get into but just can't, despite badly wanting to participate?

EVE Fanfest 2022: EVE's Fanfest Was All About What Makes EVE Great - The Players

EVE Online is about the people. This was a constant refrain Bradford heard wherever he went in Reykjavik during last week's EVE Fanfest 2022. As the first major event for an MMO since the pandemic began, it was clear that the community - and the Fanfest's focus on it - was going in for something special.

After Fanfest Attendees Test Positive for COVID, The EVE Online Community is Helping One Another Out

Returning as an in-person event, EVE Online's Fanfest was a celebration and a reunion. Now some attendees have tested positive for COVID and the community is helping its own.

EVE Fanfest 2022: CCP Is Working On Both An FPS And 4X Strategy Game Set In The EVE Universe

During the EVE Fanfest 2022 Keynote this morning, CCP Games announced that there are two new EVE-based games in the works: an upcoming multiplayer FPS and a 4x mobile strategy game.

EVE Fanfest 2022: CCP Games' Upcoming Content Roadmap Shows Narrative Focus, Spreadsheets, And Much More

EVE Online's next era was unveiled at this year's EVE Fanfest in Reykjavik, Iceland, as CCP Games laid out the content roadmap for players. The roadmap includes shifting the quadrant updates to Arcs, bringing about what the devs call 'consequential story events,' and much more.

CCP Releases Fanfest Schedule, Details Covid-19 Guidelines Ahead Of Next Week's Fanfest In Reykjavik

For capusleers trekking to Iceland next week for EVE Online's Fanfest, what you might be doing there just got a little more clear as CCP Games has released the schedule for next weekend's event. Additionally, the studio further laid out the guidelines for Covid-19 measures for fans eager to learn more on how to stay safe while enjoying Reykjavik.

EVE Online Raising Monthly Fees, Adding New Tiers, and Recalculating PLEX, Facing Community Criticism

It will soon cost more to play EVE Online, as CCP has announced both an increase to the monthly subscription fee and recalculation of PLEX tiers. the community has some criticism of this, the first sub increase in 18 years.