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EVE Online Articles

EVE Online Equinox Launches: Talking Nullsec Changes, MJFGs on Carriers And EVE Vanguard

EVE Online's next expansion, Equinox is now live, bringing new changes to nullsec in the form of new structures, resources, and more. But it's also bringing some new features for everyone, most notably its SKINR tool for ships.

EVE Online's Drops Equinox Patch Notes, New Video Highlighting Upcoming Structures

EVE Online is gearing up for tomorrow's Equinox expansion, and the CCP Games team have dropped its patch notes for players to dive into ahead of time.

CCP Announces First Two Speakers and Some Details For Fanfest 2025

CCP Games is already looking almost a year into the future to EVE Fanfest 2025, and has introduced the first confirmed speakers for the event, as well as some early planning info.

EVE Online's Personalized Ship Skins In Equinox Are Going To Feed My Cosmetic Desires To The Extreme

EVE Online's Equinox update is bringing with it a host of new content, but the Ship SKINR tool is one that might keep Bradford occupied for a long while.

EVE Online Showcases New Ships Docking When Equinox Launches In June

EVE Online is gearing up for its Upwell Consortium-themed expansion, Equinox, this June, and with it will come new ships for Capsuleers to use throughout space.

CCP's Hilmar Veigar Pétursson on Project Awakening's Living Universe, Creators Shaping the Sandbox and More

Project Awakening is headed towards its next testing phase this month. Phase III is set to begin on May 21st. A new interview with CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson sheds some light on the game's development, testing plans, and how it will link to and be separate from, EVE Online.

EVE Online's Latest Video Breaks Down Nullsec Changes Coming In Equinox

EVE Online is gearing up for its next expansion, Equinox, and the latest video from the dev team breaks down the new structures and ways the expansion will reinvigorate nullsec.

EVE Online Celebrates Its 21st Birthday As Capsuleer Day XXI Celebrations Rage On

EVE Online celebrates its 21st birthday this year, as its Capsuleer Day XXI celebrations continue to rage on throughout New Eden.

EVE Online's Latest Wormhole War Has Seen 3 Trillion ISK Lost So Far In Just A Month

EVE Online's latest Pulse video breaks down some information surrounding the latest expansion, and highlights the massive war raging in Wormhole space, which has seen 2 trillion ISK lost thus far.

EVE Online's Next Expansion, Equinox, Brings New Player Structures, Resources, Ships And More

EVE Online's next expansion, Equinox, has been announced, bringing new Upwell Consortium structures, including a futuristic space elevator called a Skyhook, a moon miner, and more.

EVE Online's Largest Player-Led PvP Event Celebrates 10 Years, Kicks Off April 20th

EVE Online is defined by its players, so it's fitting that one of the largest PvP events outside of warfare is run by the very people who make up the fabric of New Eden. The 10th Annual Frigate Free For All Event kicks off this Saturday, giving players both new and old alike a way to play PvP without risking it all.

New EVE Online Scope Video Talks New Upwell Prototype In Auviken As CCP Takes A Closer Look At A Titan

EVE Online's narrative doesn't smack you in the face like other MMOs, instead it's slowly peeled back in layers like an onion. This latest episode involves the Upwell Consortium and a mysterious prototype hovering in the system of Auviken.

5000 EVE Online Players Are Fighting In One Of High Sec's Most Trafficked Systems

Early this morning, a fight erupted over multiple structures in the High Sec system of Perimeter in EVE Online, one of the most trafficked and important systems in the MMO.

EVE Vanguard's March First Strike Playtest is Live, Adding a Mining Laser and Contracts

EVE Vanguard's First Strike Playtest is now live, with some significant updates, including a brand new mining laser prototype and new contracts to complete.

EVE Vanguard's First Strike Playtests Continue Tomorrow, With New Mining Options, and More Improvements

You could jump into a different New Eden in EVE Vanguard, the upcoming sci-fi sandbox FPS on the way, as CCP has announced more on the next First Strike playtest, which begins tomorrow.