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EVE Echoes Has Surpassed 1 Million Players

Just a week and half following release

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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CCP announced recently that EVE Echoes has surpassed one million players since its release on August 13.

The announcement was shared on Twitter,

“EVE Echoes has already surpassed 1 million players! Thank you to all Capsuleers for the incredible welcome.”

If you’re unfamiliar with EVE Echoes, it’s basically EVE Online but on the go. It’s a small screen version of the larger desktop MMORPG. It released on August 13 on both iOS and Android and contains over 8000 solar systems. Players are encouraged to take their own path, just like the main game. You can take part in mining, trading, industry, and more.

If you’re worried about the inherently smaller screen of the mobile experience, don’t worry as Ed Orr notes in our review in progress,

“This talk of smaller screens and modified user interfaces might sound distinctly negative but for mobile touch screens, EVE Echoes new streamlined approach and simplified combat systems work wonders. Netease has managed a compromise that crams in a plethora of information, from character skills to weapon pods, missions, and mining, while still making sure that new players and budget-friendly phones don’t need a guide to make it out of spacedock.”

In fact, our full review went live earlier this morning. You can give it a read here. 


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