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    Perfect World Beijing
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    2009 (01/04/2016)
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Ether Saga Online Overview

Ether Saga Online is a free-to-play MMORPG developed by Perfect World with an item shop and a cute, anime-style art style. Based on a Chinese novel, the storyline includes fantastic elements like magic treasures and an evil general turned into a pig. The game features four races and eight character classes, each with their own quests and pets.


  • 4 Distinct Races | Players can choose from 4 different races, including the Ren humans, Shenzu, a race of demigods, Yaoh, who were once animals, and Mogui, a demonic dragon-people.
  • 8 Dynamic Classes | Pick from melee and ranged tank and damage-dealing classes like the Dragoon, Rogue, Ranger and Hellion, caster classes like the Mystic and Conjurer, and hybrid classes such as the Maven and Shaman.
  • Engaging Pet System | Use your pets to help fight, defend and heal your characters. Level and train your pet or meld it with other pets to increase their power.
  • Monster Card System | Collect cards from monsters that you defeat to transform into them and gain their abilities.
  • Guild Battles | Join up with other guilds to gain access to unique dungeons, items, skills and mounts.
  • Mini-Games and Mounts | Play a bunch of fun mini-games as you adventure and collect a variety of combat-ready mounts, like the Frost Lion King and Griffin.

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