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Eternal Magic Overview

Eternal Magic is an enormous fantasy world with a flexible class system, dynamic combat, and massive battles with up to 80 players. With MOBA mode, parties at your house, weddings, and guild battles, you'll have a killer mix for an incredible adventure!

Game Features

Create your own unique fighting style!

Customize every character however you want with five skill categories for each class. It's all up to you: choose from several specialties and select runic skills that can each be configured for specific tasks on the battlefield, from powering up a combo to minimizing recoil.

Lots of PVP modes

Test yourself—and your enemies—on the battlefield with classic modes like capture-the-flag and domination as well as guild battles and 5x5 MOBA fights, where teamwork is more important than ever! Want even more? Then play on huge battlefields where you can deploy entire armies!

A gigantic world for you to explore

Be careful as you travel around the lands of Terrasia: you can't have adventure without danger! But the higher the risk, the greater the reward: explore the farthest reaches of the world of eternal magic and tame pets to become your loyal sidekicks everywhere you go. Every pet has its own abilities, and you'll find them invaluable on the battlefield!

Advanced social system

Eternal Magic’s social component is just as good as in classic games of the genre, but there’s room for experimenting! Interact, make friends, and fall in love: there are lots of ways to bond with another player! Become a couple or play through a real wedding with outfits and decorations! Plus, every player can purchase their own house and furnish it however they want from a wide selection of furniture and decorations.

Not to mention a small bonus for the ladies! Every female warrior can upload their own photos to the game and take part in a beauty contest. Other players can dote on their favorites with gifts. A statue of the most popular diva will adorn the center of the capital.


Beautiful graphics that even players without the top of the line hardware can enjoy thanks to great optimization.

A robust social component which includes parties with friends in your own house!

Ability to create unique skill builds by utilizing a flexible role-playing system.

Eternal Magic Now On Steam

Eternal Magic is now available on Steam. Here are the announcement details.