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Escape from Tarkov Articles

Excape From Tarkov's Latest Update, Streets Of Tarkov, Released, Twitch Drops Incoming

Escape From Tarkov's latest patch brings with it big changes to the co-op extraction looter, including a wipe, improvements to the co-op PvE mode, and new content called Streets of Tarkov.

Escape from Tarkov Devs Address Matching Issues, Share Future Plans

In a brace of updates, Battlestate Games addressed the ongoing matching issues in Escape from Tarkov, along with providing a glimpse into future developments.

Join Managing Editor Bradford and Associate Editor Shank As They Stream Escape From Tarkov Tonight at 11p ET

Join Managing Editor Bradford and Associate Editor Shank as they stream Escape from Tarkov with the Tawdry crew tonight at 11p ET! More accurately, tune in to watch them attempt to play, as inevitably panic and chaos ensue!

Escape From Tarkov Devs Confirm No Playable Female Characters Due to "Huge Amount of Work" with Animations

Battlestate Games, developers behind Escape from Tarkov, have confirmed there will be no playable female characters in the game because of "game lore" and the "huge amount of work needed with animations."

Next Escape from Tarkov Update to Include a New Location, Weapons & Equipment

Battlestate Games has sent out a brand new video to showcase some of the changes coming to Escape from Tarkov. Most notably, players will have the new Terragroup location to explore along with a number of new weapons and equipment, "Killa" scav boss and more. In addition, the team has promised a large number of bug fixes, technical improvements and feature enhancements.

Escape from Tarkov Gets a Huge Update in Latest Patch Including the New Flea Market

Escape From Tarkov has been updated to v0.10.5 that brings a number of technical improvements, feature enhancements and additions to the game. Most notably, the new update brings the Flea Market to EoT that is present "to create a new economic system in the game" where players can buy / sell goods.

Battlestate Games Lays Out the Plan for 2018

Battlestate Games has published a lengthy developer note to let the community know the plans going forward into 2018. There are a number of features and milestones that the team plans to meet throughout the year including fixing performance issues and squashing the majority of bugs that are currently present.

Battlestate Games Announces Tie-In Novels

Battlestate Games has announced that a pair of tie-in novels for Escape from Tarkov. The first book, "Predator", is written by Alexander Kontorovich and has already been published in Russia. The company is already working on translated versions in English, German, Polish and Chinese. The effort is planned to be complete as early as March or April 2018.

Server Load Testing Begins Paving the Way to Open Beta in 'Early 2018'

Over the next several weeks, Escape from Tarkov beta players will be working with Battlestate Games to "load test" the game servers to adjust processing for large numbers of players. This is being done to stress test servers and identify back end issues to solve prior to the start of open beta in "early 2018".

Register on the Site & You May be Chosen for Stress Testing For New Year's

If you've been looking forward to Battlestate Games' Escape from Tarkov, we have good news for you today. Site-registered users have a chance to check the game out prior to the launch of Open Beta in early 2018. Players chosen to participate in the stress testing event will be granted 7-day access to EFT as well as an opportunity to purchase the game at a 25% discount within a week of the event's end.

New Update Paves Way for Open Beta Scheduled to Begin by Year's End

Escape from Tarkov has been updated with a beefy patch that brings over 70 new items into the game as well as "enhanced early access sets". Players will have access to a plethora of new weaponry, a full system of gestures and voice commands to assist with communication and advanced weapon handling. Improvements and tweaks were also applied to several features including optimization, grenade functionality, tweaks to armor and character damage and much more.

Closed Beta to Launch in July

Battlestate Games has announced that Escape from Tarkov will be ready to hit closed beta testing in July. All pre-order customers will be able to take part and check out some of the new features including insurance to prevent gear loss; economy changes; new weapons with customization options and ammunition types; four locations; and general chat options.

The Hideout is a Player's Own Spot in the World

Battlestate Games has revealed extensive new information about The Hideout, a player's personalized space in the world. This new feature will be added in time for the open beta that is currently scheduled to kick off this fall.

New Blog Details the Journey to Closed Beta Testing

The Escape from Tarkov Facebook page has been updated with a new blog post detailing how the team is working to prepare for closed beta testing. Several key features are in the works, many nearing completion, and are cited as goals for the commencement of CBT.

NDA Lifts on Battlestate Games' MMOFPS

Battlestate Games has lifted the NDA for testers beginning March 24th. The team had delayed allowing testers to speak of their experiences in the game in order to address their feedback and "meet the high expectations of our players and show the project as it was meant to be seen". Satisfied that the criteria has been met, the NDA has lifted.