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Escape from Tarkov Articles

The Hideout is a Player's Own Spot in the World

Battlestate Games has revealed extensive new information about The Hideout, a player's personalized space in the world. This new feature will be added in time for the open beta that is currently scheduled to kick off this fall.

New Blog Details the Journey to Closed Beta Testing

The Escape from Tarkov Facebook page has been updated with a new blog post detailing how the team is working to prepare for closed beta testing. Several key features are in the works, many nearing completion, and are cited as goals for the commencement of CBT.

Alpha - Scavs Video Shows a Wild, Lawless Mode

BattleState has released a new game play video from Escape from Tarkov, this time focused on "Scavs". In this scenario, players are thrown into a location with AI-controlled Scavs and other players. The goal is to stay alive for a predetermined amount of time while fending off AI and other players.

NDA Lifts on Battlestate Games' MMOFPS

Battlestate Games has lifted the NDA for testers beginning March 24th. The team had delayed allowing testers to speak of their experiences in the game in order to address their feedback and "meet the high expectations of our players and show the project as it was meant to be seen". Satisfied that the criteria has been met, the NDA has lifted.

'Customs' Map Grows in Latest Update

Escape from Tarkov has received a significant update that expands the "Customs" zone map in the game. According to developers, the change brings new tactical opportunities to players and is filled with hidden passageways, special loot and player spawn points and more. The Customs raid is, by reports, much more difficult than before and gives new challenging game play to hardcore players.

As Extended Alpha Begins, More Players to be Added

The Escape from Tarkov team has posted what will be seen as great news for fans of the forthcoming MMOFPS. Devs are ready to enter 'extended alpha', the imminent precursor to the start of closed beta testing. The client will be updated with new features and content including a raid location, optimization, weapons, group mechanics and more. The best news comes in the announcement that NDA will be lifted so players can stream, create videos, post screens, etc.

New Video Diary Explores the Collection of Sound References

Battlestate Games has released the latest Escape from Tarkov video developer diary that centers around the collection of sound references, the seemingly small things that make a realistic MMO. The development team traveled to Concern Kalashnikov to allow the firing of prototype weapons to give Escape from Tarkov its realistic sound.

Climate Changes & Day / Night Cycle Explored in New Trailer

Battlestate Games has released the latest alpha gameplay video from Escape from Tarkov. This time, the focus is on climate as it appears in the game alongside the day / night cycle. The trailer also shows the character in combat as the operative progresses through various locations.

Weapon Customization to Suit Every Style

Battlestate Games has sent out the latest Escape from Tarkov video that shines the spotlight on the amazingly customization options available to players throughout the game. Nearly every imaginable portion of any weapon can be upgraded and customized to suit a player's style. Check it out!

Technical Alpha Testing Detailed

Battlestate Games has released the first information about the upcoming Technical Alpha Test. During TAT, players will be assisting the team to identify potential issues that might affect early access as well as testing load distribution. The pool of players will begin small but will increase over time. Several pre-order packages include automatic inclusion, with others offering a percent chance of being selected.

Bringing MMOs & Survival Shooters Together

Escape from Tarkov coming to us from Battlestate Games has captivated many folks looking for a realistic survival shooter. Set in the fictional Russian city of Tarkov, the game pits an international corporation against the host nation. We had an opportunity to speak with Project Lead Nikita Buyanov about EoT to learn more.

A Detailed Preview of the Customs Location

Battlestate Games the developers of the hardcore online game Escape from Tarkov are finishing up work on “The Customs” - a large location that will be available to players during the Alpha testing stage. The developers have shared some detailed descriptions of the new game location, accompanied by fresh screenshots. “The Customs” is comprised of ten key points, every one of them being of certain interest either in terms of story or resource-wise.

New Game Play Video Shows Off 14+ Minutes of Action

Fans of the upcoming MMORPG/FPS hybrid Escape from Tarkov won't want to miss the most recent video that shows off nearly fifteen minutes of action that follows a soldier attempting to escape a chemical factory.

Closed Alpha to Kick Off on Aug. 4 + New Gameplay Video

Fans of survival shooters will want to take special note of today's announcement from the Escape from Tarkov team. Closed alpha testing is now scheduled to kick off on August 4th. Those interested in testing can head to the EFT site to get signed up.

Seeing What It's All About - Nearly Half-Hour of Gameplay

The Escape from Tarkov team has put out a new game play video that shows off nearly a half-hour of pure gaming goodness from the highly anticipated MMOFPS. You can get a look at several game systems including combat, inventory, and customization options. See what you think!