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    12/31/15 (03/01/2018)
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Entropy Overview

Entropy is an independent sci-fi sandbox MMO. Part space sim, part MMO, part exercise in open exploration, Entropy emphasize its open world and space combat. As with many other space-set games, players will have to explore, mine, build, and make discoveries that will establish themselves as ready to go. With 120 star systems to explore, with some more hostile than others, and a peristent universe, players will shape the world of Entropy. Player trade and economy will also play a huge part in success in Entropy. Trade might take you through a network of suppliers, mining raw materials yourself, or even facing pirates.Flying around planets and exploring the galaxy isn't the only thing they'll need to learn and be prepared for, however. Entropy will also host massive 100-player space battles, including dogfights, which rely on player skill. FEATURES
  • Open World, Open Galaxy | Entropy features over 120 open star systems to travel to and explore, and a persistent game world.
  • Player-Driven Economy | Mine, create, trade, salvage, and more to determine your share of the game's economy. Trade is a pillar of the economy, which is all player-driven.
  • Massive Space Battles | Prepare for large-scale massive space battles, including dogfights decided by active player skill.
Super Nova Comes to the Steam Summer Sale

Jagex's Entropy has added a gladiatorial combat sport called "NOVA" and the stars have aligned to make this coincide with Steam's Summer Sale. That means that until June 30, Entropy enthusiasts can snap up all three Founders programs for 33% less than regular price.