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Entropia Universe Articles

Coming to a Browser or Mobile Near You

Entropia Universe developer, Mind Ark, has announced a new partnership with Project Whitecard. Under the agreement, the pair will work to bring Mind Ark's games to nearly any browser and mobile platform that currently exists giving players a way to take part in their favorite titles anywhere in the world.

Investor Scores $2.5M in Virtual Real Estate

Entropia Universe developer Mind Ark has announced that a single investor has snapped up $2.5 million dollars in virtual real estate on Planet Calypso. The deeds were purchased via the Citizenship system which allows for revenue sharing.

Planet Cyrene is Coming!

Entropia Universe is getting a new planet to add to the existing ones of Planet Calypso, ROCKtropia, Next Island and Arkadia. If you're ready to face off with some beasties with BIG teeth, Planet Cyrene may be just what you're looking for. Check out our preview and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.

MindArk Interview

Entropia Universe is developed by MindArk and is a huge hit with many MMO players. We had the opportunity to chat with MindArk CEO David Simmonds about all things Entropia. Read on and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.

Planet Arkadia Launched

Entropia Universe players will be pleased to note that the newest planet in the game, Planet Arkadia, has officially launched. Planet Arkadia is a treasure hunting with players scouring ancient ruins and battling dangerous wildlife on their quest for riches.

ROCKtropia 2.0 Released

Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs has declared war on social gaming according to a press release from the "superstar" avatar from Entropia Universe. The war escalates with the release of ROCKtropia 2.0. Jacobs' goal is to be the vanguard in setting industry standards for virtual worlds.

Planet Calypso Sold for $6 Million USD

SEE Virtual Worlds has announced its purchase of the first planet in the Entropia Universe, Planet Calypso. Planet Calypso was purchased for a record six million U.S. dollars. The planet has been running since 2003 and has nearly a million registered users and has generated over four million U.S. dollars in player transaction revenue.

Next Island

MMORPG.com writer, Carolyn Koh, recently had the opportunity to check out Entropia Universe's Next Island. Next Island was created by David Post and is being developed by Neverdie Studios. Developers hope that Next Island will attract more females and casual gamers to try out the combat-less environment. Check out Carolyn's preview of Next Island and then let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Universal Monsters Coming Soon

SEE Virtual has announced that it will be bringing a world packed with Universal monsters to Entropia Universe. Players coming into the Universal Monsters environment will be monster hunters and will face off against such perennial old time favorites as the Hunchback of Notre Dame, the Phantom of the Opera, Dracula, the Invisible Man, the Mummy, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

$335,000 for Virtual Property

The single largest transaction for virtual property has been completed thanks to a $335,000 dollar sale of Entropia Universe property including seven domes, a stadium, a mall, a club, and more to one John Foma Kalun. The seller, Jon Jacobs, has made a number of big ticket sales and purchased virtual properties up to the $100,000 mark. This sale marks the new record for a single transaction.

Harbinger Event Begins

The latest Entropia Universe: Planet Calypso patch has brought the Harbinger update online. The update includes new story missions, seasonal and permanent Iron Challenges and a mining challenge. In addition, a shared loot system has been deployed. All players attacking an enemy will have a share in the loot dropped when it dies.

Treasure Hunting Planet Announced

Game developer Arkadia Studios has announced a partnership with Swedish developer MindArk to create a treasure hunting planet. Planet Arkadia will be part of Entropia Universe. Players will have the chance to search for treasure that has real world cash value and will have the option to withdraw profits back to their real life bank account.

Planet Michael: The King of Pop Comes to MMOs

SEE Virtual Worlds has reached an agreement with the Michael Jackson estate to bring Planet Michael to the Entropia Universe. Planet Michael will be focused on the music, life, career and charitable concerns of the late megastar. Calling it a 'massive social gaming environment', the goal of Planet Michael is to engage players collaboratively with in-game activities that generate a vibrant economy within Entropia Universe.

A Beginner's Guide to Planet Calypso

MMORPG.com Entropia Universe expert, Arno Laurman, has written a terrific guide for players just starting out on Planet Calypso. He gives some starter advice and goals to accomplish when starting the game. Read on to find out the best steps to take in Entropia Universe.

Vehicle System Added

Entropia Universe implements a vehicle system for players.