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End of Nations Articles

PVP, Cash-Shops, and Focus Fire

During the recent PAX convention, Bill Murphy put on his RTS hat and sat down with End of Nations developers to talk about the game, cash shops, PvP and even a bit about crafting. Sister site, RTSGuru.com has Bill's full report that you will not want to miss!

The Metagame

Trion and Petroglyph Games have released the Gamescom 2011 trailer for End of Nations. The trailer features developer interviews focused on the metagame in End of Nations. Global warfare is ON!

Free-to-Play Trailer Shows Off New Gameplay

The Petroglyph and Trion Worlds teams, to celebrate the announcement of End of Nations going Free-To-Play, have released a brand new trailer for the event. The trailer, commemorating the game's F2P Announcement shows off some new Gameplay from the game. Check it out!

Trion Adopts Free-To-Play Revenue Model

Trion has announced that its upcoming MMORTS, End of Nations, will be run using the free to play revenue model. Free players will have access to the entire game with no level cap. Trion will be offering a premium subscription to those who choose to purchase it. The item store will contain, according to the FAQ, a wide range of convenience items.

Factions Trailer Released

Learn about the three playable factions in Trion Worlds' upcoming MMORTS, End of Nations, in this latest trailer

E3 2011 Gameplay Video

So you didn't get to make it to E3, it's okay, we understand. So does the team at Trion and Petroglyph when it comes to their highly anticipated MMORTS, End of Nations. They understand so much, in fact, that they've posted the Gameplay video showcased at E3 this year. Check it out!

RTS Goes Massive Video

Trion Worlds has released a brand new video called "RTS Goes Massive" with End of Nations developers Nick Beliaeff, Chris Rubyor, Steve Copeland and other Trion/Petroglyph devs talking about the game's animations all the while featuring some awesome gameplay footage.

New End of Nations Concept Art

Trion has released some new concepts over on the End of Nations website to whet our appetites for their forth-coming MMORTS. Check them out and let us know what you think in the forums.

Player VS Environment: Army Building

The good folks over at Trion recently released a new article about building your army in The End of Nations! Give it a read and let us know what you think in our forums!

Eye Candy Galore

Petroglyph and Trion Worlds reps have been on hand at GamesCom 2010 showing off End of Nations. The team has released almost two dozen new screenshots from the MMORTS hybrid. There's lots of fiery goodness and ground shaking action in each one. Check them out in our End of Nations gallery.

Theme Played at Comic Con

End of Nations sound director Frank Klepacki spent some time at this past week's Comic Con in San Diego, California. During the convention, Klepacki played the main End of Nations theme before a live audience. Petroglyph Games has posted the video on YouTube.