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End of Nations Articles

Executive Producer Speaks on Revival as Tactical MOBA

The RTSGuru team caught up with Scot Lane, the Executive Producer on End of Nations to chat about the game's complete revamping and revival as a F2P Tactical MOBA. Read on for some info on the changes.

Resurrected as a MOBA

End of Nations is once again alive and kicking, though in a different iteration than originally planned. According to the newly updated site, EoN will now be a MOBA RTS, the first of its kind if you believe the site (and we think so...).

Petroglyph's Official Statement

Trion Worlds announced on Wednesday that development for the upcoming MMORTS, End of Nations, would be continued in-house and that Petroglyph's work on the game had concluded. Today, Petroglyph released its official statement about the change.

Trion Takes over Development

Trion Worlds has announced that development of End of Nations has been taken "in house" to give the MMORTS a more "polished overall game". End of Nations has been in development at Petroglyph for the past several years.

Layoffs Reported at Petroglyph

End of Nations developer, Petroglyph, has reportedly laid off thirty workers from its Las Vegas studio. The layoffs have been rumored via Twitter and a report that Eurogamer had it on "good authority". The layoff reports come on the heels of last week's announcement that the open beta would be delayed indefinitely.

Open Beta Postponed Indefinitely

The End of Nations Facebook page has been updated with a notice that the open beta for the upcoming MMORTS has been postponed indefinitely. Developers cite the need for "polish and improvement" before the game is ready for further and more expansive beta testing.

RTSGuru.com | Playing Smart as the Spartan

The team at RTSGuru.com takes a look at the rough-and-tumble Spartan class: How can you make the most of your units, commander abilities, and powerful turrets? Check this informative article out at RTSGuru.com!

Closed Beta 4 Cuts the Mustard

The final closed beta event for Petroglyph's End of Nations is here. The staff over at RTSGuru.com has been toiling around inside its many game modes, and they've got their staff's first impressions to share. Check it out at RTSGuru.com.

Hardcore Raptr User? Grab a EoN Bundle

Raptr users who are ranked "hardcore" and above in specific RTS titles are eligible to snag a code for End of Nations. The code grants three days of beta access, a special skin and an experience boost.

Fully Localized Russian Version in the Works

Trion Worlds and Petroglyph have announced that End of Nations will be fully localized in Russian. The development team credits the Russian beta community for its passion for the game as the driving force behind the decision.

RTSGuru.com | What It Aims to Do for the RTS

RTSGuru.com editors have put together a terrific new editorial discussing End of Nations and how it does things differently from both traditional MMO games and traditional RTS games, but not by accident. It's the result of careful consideration and the desire to create a very specific gaming experience. Check it out at RTSGuru.com.

Final Beta Event Dated, NDA to Lift

Trion Worlds and Petroglyph have announced that the final closed beta event for End of Nations will take place from October 4-9, 2012 and that the NDA will be lifted. Players will be able to post reactions, thoughts, screens, videos and more about their experiences in the upcoming MMORTS.

Third Closed Beta Event Kicks Off

Petroglyph and Trion Worlds have announced that the third closed beta event for End of Nations has kicked off and will run through Sunday night PDT. During this particular event, testers will be able to try out pre-configured armies that can be purchased and are built to serve a specific purpose.

PAX Prime Preview

We stopped by the Trion booth during this year's PAX Prime in Seattle to check out the upcoming MMORTS, End of Nations, and today we're delivering our full preview.

Next Beta Event Announced

Trion Worlds and Petroglyph have announced that the next beta weekend for End of Nations will be held on September 7-9. The team has made significant changes to the game for inclusion in the next event. In addition, Elite Companies will be introduced into the game.