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    Trion Worlds
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    2014 (06/30/2014)
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End of Nations Overview

End of Nations is a free-to-play MOBA in development by Trion Worlds. Following a global disaster brought on by an economic collapse in the 21st century, the Order of Nations rose up to ensure that such a disaster would never again occur. However, the power the Order of Nations enjoyed soon ceased to be used for good and instead led to tyrannical rule of the world over. Players in End of Nations take up the role as Commanders of revolutionary forces beating back the oppressive forces of the Order of Nations. The game features progression for both the players' Commander character as well as their armies, allowing for the unlocking of additional units to build out their forces, which can then be taken out solo or with thousands of other players to do battle cooperatively. Not all factions see eye to eye, though, even with the Order of Nations serving as a common enemy, and to that end players can also participate in faction vs. faction warfare.


  • Massively Multiplayer | Fight alongside and against other Commanders in huge, 56-player real-time strategy battles.
  • Persistent Conflict | Contribute to your faction's control over global locations in a persistent battle against the opposing faction and the Order of Nations.
  • Customization | Progress your Commander character and customize your units, weapons and abilities, personalizing your army and Companies to your play style and tactics.
  • Free to Play | Play End of Nations for free, with access to everything in the game by earning it through gameplay, or purchase cosmetic and convenience items through the in-game shop.


  • Order of Nations | Formerly known as the United Nations, the Order of Nations is an NPC faction that has taken control over much of the world after the financial collapse.  The powers behind the Order of Nations are far from beneficent, however, and seek to bring the entire globe under their domination.
  • Liberation Front | The Liberation Front has emerged to defend the principles of freedom and democracy against the tyranny of the Order of Nations, with classes like the Spartan and Patriot.
  • Shadow Revolution | Masters of secrecy and security, the Shadow Revolution seeks to establish control through subtlety rather than outright force, using classes like the Wraith and Phantom.