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    Novel, Inc.
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Empire & State Overview

Empire & State is a free-to-play browser-based political strategy MMOG, where players cooperatively manage an entire empire comprised of other players. Players must collaborate or compete to elect capable political leaders, ensure strong military deployments, create the conditions for a sound economy, start and manage successful businesses, and engage in numerous other activities which mirror the management of a real-life nation-state.


  • Path to Power | Players may choose the path of democracy (charismatic politics), economics (monetarily influencing and funding), and corruption (bribes and espionage).
  • Quest for Survival | Varying natural resources and dangerous international borders are just two of the many perils players must face and overcome to survive.
  • Earn Your Place in History | Forge a mighty empire or global crime syndicate as your legacy to the world.
Update Interview

MMORPG.com's Carolyn Koh recently wrote a preview of Empire & State being developed by Novel Inc. In a new update interview with Toby Ragaini and Mike Marr, Carolyn gets the latest news on the development of Empire & State as it nears open beta. Find out what's new with Novel Inc.'s game in MMORPG.com's exclusive review. Leave us a comment or two with your thoughts.

Greetings from Altea

The team over at Novel Inc. have released a new video on the Empire & State website; A tourism video from the Altea Travel Foundation. A neat look at how they hope to establish their in-game world and the universe in which it takes place. Check it out.

Novel, Inc. Interview

New developer Novel, Inc. recently announced its formation and the development of its inaugural "political strategy MMO" called Empire & State. MMORPG.com writer Carolyn Koh caught up with studio execs Mike Marr & Toby Ragiani to give our readers and exclusive first look at Empire & State. Check it out and then let us know what you think in the comments below.