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Embers Adrift Articles

Embers Adrift Adds Server Memory, and Preps for Final Content Patch of 2022

This week's Embers Adrift update is mostly fixes, along with doubling server memory to help stability. The team also previews next week's final patch of 2022.

Embers Adrift Patch Fixes Huge Memory Leak, Adds New Dungeon, and More

Today's Embers Adrift update fixes a major memeory leak, adds a new dungeon, makes Emberdrifts more available, and fixes bugs.

Embers Adrift Team Recaps October, From A Stable Launch, to New Dungeons, and an Eventful Halloween

Embers Adrift launched last month, and now the team at Stormhaven Studios has a recap of how the first month of official live service went, from a smooth launch, several new dungeons, to an eventful Halloween.

Embers Adrift Is Hosting Its First Halloween Event, Streamer Marathon

Embers Adrift is ramping up getting their MMO in front of people, kicking off a weekend-long Halloween stream with multiple content creators. The streams will run nonstop across Twitch from now through Sunday evening. This coincides with their first ever live Halloween event running now through November 3rd.

Indie MMORPG Embers Adrift Officially Launches - Team Experiences a Smooth Release

Stormhaven Studios' flagship title Embers Adrift has officially released today, and thus far the experience has been smooth sailing. Contrary to multiple MMORPG releases of the past, servers are stable, there are no discernible queue times, and the starter areas are full of new players.

Embers Adrift Live Today For Alpha Backers Ahead Of Full Launch On October 15th

Alpha testers can now jump into the new MMORPG from Stormhaven Studios, Embers Adrift, finally able to see the live game come to fruition. This is ahead of the full launch which takes place on Friday.

Group-Based PvE MMORPG Embers Adrift is Launching October 15th 2022

Are you ready for some group-based PvE action? Indie MMORPG Embers Adrift is hoping that you are. A year after the game opened up their preorders, the team at Stormhaven Studios is now saying their game is ready.

Embers Adrift Community Planning Welcome for New Players in This Weekend's Worldbreaker Stress Test

With Embers Adrift on the verge of opening up the servers for another huge Worldbreaker stress test soon, the community just may turn it into a little bit of a welcome party.

Embers Adrift  Worldbreaker Stress Test Happening August 13th, and is Open for Signups

Stormhaven Studios needs some help on a larger scale, and is holding a Worldbreaker stress test for Embers Adrift on August 13th. Signups are open for new interested players, while previous testers will be automatically invited.

Embers Adrift Offers a Look At Several Major Changes Since Beta Began, From Reworks to New Skybox

Beta began for Embers Adrift in March, and there's a new update video showing a series of major changes since beta began.

Embers Adrift's World Breaker Event Set For April 30th

If you've been interested in checking out Embers Adrift but haven't been part of the ongoing beta, now might be your chance. Stormhaven Studios is sending out invites to participate in its upcoming World Breaker Event, meant to stress the beta servers as far as they can go, later this month.

Embers Adrift Is Hosting Its First In-Game Community Event Saturday

Embers Adrift entered its closed beta earlier this month, and while testing has been ongoing each week since, the first real event has been announced. This Saturday, players can join up with the MMO's community manager Elloa to explore the MMO together.

What Happened with Embers Adrift in February? Here's the State of the Game Recap

It's no surprise that Stormhaven Studios has been much more active lately when it comes to showing off their prize indie title. With Embers Adrift emerging from its Alpha cocoon into Beta testing this month, the team provided a short list of achievements that they accomplished in February in preparation for the Beta release.

Embers Adrift Details What's in the Beta in Latest Video

Now that Embers Adrift has transitioned to their beta, Stormhaven Studios wants players to know what they can expect when they hop into the game. In a 9-minute video presented by Embers Adrifts' Community Manager Elloa, depicts the various features that players will be able to test, which includes character creation, early combat and more!

Embers Adrift Enters Beta Today As Alpha NDA Drops

Embers Adrift alpha testers can finally talk about their experience in the MMO as the NDA dropped today alongside the indie game moving into its beta testing phase.