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Embers Adrift Articles

Embers Adrift Reviews Host of Player Experience Changes and Improvements This Month, Including Fast Travel

Embers Adrift has a recap of what the Stormhaven team has added and patched in September.  The monthly update includes a series of changes, new features, technical improvements, and additional content.

Embers Adrift Improves Combat Feel, Adds Hunting Log and Perks, Quests, and Visual Updates to Ember Veins

Embers Adrift has made some changes to combat to improve the player experience, adding some new content in the process. The team also released a number of improvements and bug fixes in the latest patch.

Embers Adrift State of the Game Reflects on Buy to Play Switch, New Content Updates, and Improvements

The Embers Adrift team has released a new "State of the Game" update blog, with reflections on the switch to a buy to play model, recent updates, and new stuff, including updatesto the King's Keep.

Embers Adrift Is Officially Buy To Play Today, Releases New Highland Hills Region

Embers Adrift is now officially buy to play after the team dropped its mandatory subscription model today. This will hopefully bolster the MMO's community, especially as the team at Stormhaven are still adding new regions and features to the indie MMO every month.

Embers Adrift Is Dropping Its Mandatory Subscription, Moving To Buy To Play Model At End Of June

Embers Adrift announced today that it will be transitioning to a buy to play model with an optional subscription at the end of June, removing a barrier of entry into the heavily old-school inspired MMO.

Embers Adrift Announces More Details and Events, Including Key Giveaways, for June Free Weekend

Embers Adrift recently announced a free weekend for June 2-4th, and Stormhaven Studios has shared some events, activities, and welcoming community-led efforts for upcoming event.

Embers Adrift is Holding a Free to Play Weekend June 2-4th

Embers Adrift  is holding another free to play weekend in early June, inviting all to the PvE-focused, group-oriented MMORPG inspired by the classics.

Embers Adrift Shares Long List of In-Progress and QA Work, Including Nvidia DLSS Support, and New Content

A long list of in-progress and QA additions show what's coming to Embers Adrift,including Nvidia DLSS support, more Grimstone and Forgotten Depths content, and much more.

Embers Adrift Makes it Easier to Group and to Solo, and Assesses All the New March Updates

Stormhaven Studios has shared a state of the game blog for Embers Adrift that includes an overview of the most recent content update and the new patch, The Forgotten Depths.

Embers Adrift Wants You to Beware of 'The Threat of Grimstone' in New Update Trailer

Stormhaven Studios, the plucky indie studio behind Embers Adrift, has just released a brand new trailer for the next update headed to the game, The Threat of Grimstone.

Embers Adrift Lowers Subscription and Game Price to Compete, and Details Next Week's Major Update

Embers Adrift will be getting some big changes, including reduced pricing for both the game and subscription costs. This came with a review of post-launch content, and details of next week's big patch.

Embers Adrift Opens QA Test Server for Subscribers and Reviews January Changes

Stormhaven Studios is looking back at January in Embers Adrift, while also opening up the QA server for members to test out upcoming content and help the devs polish it up.

Embers Adrift Fixes Major Loot Table Bugs and More, With Plans to Open QA Server to All Active Players

This week, the Embers Adrift team addresses a number of bugs, including one affecting the loot tables. Stormhaven Studios also aims to open the QA server to all active players soon.

Embers Adrift Adds Hair Visual Upgrades, and Revamps Defense System Ahead of a Free Weekend

This weekend, Embers Adrift will be free to access, and the latest update brings the promised hair visual upgrade to fix patchy hair issues, as well as defense system overhaul.

Embers Adrift Will Hold a Free Weekend January 27-29th, With Community and Streaming Events

Embers Adrift  will hold a free weekend from January 27-29th. The subscription-based game will be able to try out for free, and Stormhaven Studios is planning some events around the promotion.