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Ember Sword Articles

Ember Sword Releases Ultra Deep Leaderboard Speedruns - Complete with Glitches and Exploits

The Ember Sword Ultra Deep Alpha Playtest ended several weeks ago, and the team at Bright Star Studios (BSS) has recently released the winners of the Leaderboards, noting the exploits used to hit the tops spot.

Ember Sword's Dungeon Playtest Saw 42,000 Players Attempt Ultra Deep with Only 1% Successful

Ember Sword has a lot to celebrate as their latest dungeon playtest has been a resounding success. Here's some postmortem statistics from the Bright Star Studios team.

Ember Sword Censer Weapon is Made For Versatile Support

The Ember Sword team talks the Censer weapon, a versatile support weapon that can also deal damage, and demos the weapon.

Ember Sword Alpha Playtest Takes You to The Ultra Deep From October 27-29th

Ember Sword is getting ready for the Ultra Deep playtest, which is set to start in one week. The team is sharing some details about the run up to the new playtest, which will focus on the recently-revealed dungeon.

Ember Sword Previews Dungeon Bosses and Updates Roadmap to the Ultra Deep Playtest

The Ember Sword team is revealing more details about The Ultra Deep on the road to the next alpha test. The team has introduced the dungeon bosses, details on armor and weapons, and an updated roadmap to the playtest.

Ember Sword's Next Playtest Takes Us Into The Ultra Deep Dungeon Later This Month

The Ember Sword team has teased the upcoming next alpha playtest, but now they're ready to share that we're going deep -The Ultra Deep. That's right, Bright Star Studios is taking us into the dungeon.

Ember Sword Getting New, Expanded Playtest in October Featuring the First Dungeon

 The Ember Sword team held its latest land sale recently, and the team is reflecting on that sale, playtesting (including another round soon), and their roadmap to Early Access.

Ember Sword Announces New Land Sale Beginning July 10th

Starting on Monday, Ember Sword will begin a new land sale. Taking place in two waves, this sale follows a successful $200 million first round back in 2021.

Ember Sword Team Answers Questions on Immutable X Migration, Ending Tech Test Early, and More

After several hiccups that resulted in halting the Immutable X migration process, things are starting to move along on the migration front. We chatted with the Ember Sword team to hear a little more about the migration.

Ember Sword Will Hold Pre-Alpha Technical Testing in April

Ember Sword will hold several pre-alpha technical tests in April to show progress and stress test the servers.

Ember Sword Brings Former WoW Lead Rob Pardo and 20 Gaming Execs and Influencers On Board for New Investment Round

When it comes to Ember Sword, there's a lot of promise in the development of the Pay-to-Earn (P2E)MMORPG and a new investment round shows some significant support for the future of Bright Star Studios' game.

EmberSword Land Sale Claims Slow Site, Show Demand

EmberSword's land sale final claim stage began and slowed down the site as the community clearly showed demand.

Ember Sword's Pledges Reach Over $203 Million for NFT Community Land Sale

Do you like NFTs? Do you immediately not think of a cereal brand when you hear the word "blockchain?" If so, you're in luck. Blockchain MMORPG, Ember Sword, has announced they've received over $203 million in their first community NFT land sale.

Ember Sword Gears Up for Next Land Sale, Applications Required

The upcoming blockchain-based MMORPG Ember Sword is getting ready for their next Solarwood land sale. The upcoming sale is hot on the heels of a previous madcap free-for-all land sale that resulted in a comprehensive post mortem investigation of issues.

Ember Sword Looks Back On Its Land Sale, Details Steps Its Taking For Future Events

In a retrospective posted to Medium, Ember Sword detailed what exactly happened during its recent land sale at the end of May. The sale, which saw over 25,000 people try to access the land sale site, had a bumpy go of things, so the team is now looking back on the issues and detailing what they plan to do to mitigate the same problems next time.