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Elysian War Overview

The whole game revolves around the theme of strategy that is only nature of Elysian War and only way to beat your opponent. Weather, landform, forces, array and strategy will give you twice the battle tactics with half the effort! Take on the challenge by teaming up with close friends and family.

Generals Characteristics

Generals with unique skills, can be enhanced when combined with deputies ——Use different combinations to create a powerful team! The fun of cultivate, the achievements of awaken, achieving generals growth, strength enhancement.

Battle System

Use strategic turn-based gameplay , players can carry a certain number of generals to each battle. Left click on general’s card to send this general, at the same time, players can change the location of the attack, After the selection is finished, click the battle button to enter the battlefield! There are three kinds of action into the battlefield, mobility, common attack, special attack.

Troop types and skills

Archer and Priest both for long-range; Cavalry, Spearman, Swordsman are for close-combat.For spearman and priest, the player can match the general with a deputy to increase the range, and use hit or run tactics to thwart opponents tactics and strategies, players also can use NPCs as a human shield in front of their forces to absorb the damage, and cause the enemy to gather their forces in a confined area and then use priest with A.oE to mass hit opponents.. At the same time, players should also pay attention to the generals movements, especially the priest forces, It is a general with high ATK and low HP, players need to protect the forces with low HP as premature death can lead to their own demise in a disadvantageous situation.


  • 1 | PvE and PvP battles and challenges to enjoy, also solo campaigns to change each player
  • 2 | Private, guild, world and event chat modes so players can communicate and share the fun
  • 3 | Use Lieutenants to empower your generals with more skills and abilities
  • 4 | Different battle fields give different challenges to test even the best war sim players.
  • 5 | Build your city your way on your terms.