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Elsword Articles

Elsword's Halloween 2020 Event Is Underway

Halloween is everywhere this month, and this time, it's Elsword's turn. The Halloween event is currently underway filled with activities and more.

Elsword's New 'Pruinaum' Region Introduces Two Dungeons

Elsword has received a new region called Pruinaum in its latest, bringing with it a brace of dungeons as it puts players on ice.

Elsword Kicks off Summer with El Search Party Collection, Starting Today

Elsword is kicking off Summer with its El Search Party Collection feature hitting today.

Elsword Receives New Housing Update

F2P MMORPG Elsword has received a new housing feature in a recent update, called El Housing.

Elsword's 9th Anniversary Celebration Event Live Now

Elsword's 9th Anniversary celebration event is live now. Here's the scoop.

Elsword Begins Master Class Update with Laby and Ara

F2P MMORPG Elsword has received an update introducing Master Class for Ara and Laby.

Elsword Master Class Pre-Event and Christmas Event Live Now

The Master Class is coming to Elsword in January, as a Christmas event is set to begin soon.

Eslword Opens its Final Rigomor Dungeon Named "Titan's Grotto"

Anime-MMORPG Elsword has been going through some pretty drastic changes as of late. Rebooting the entire roster of characters of the last few months is hard work, but the development team hasn't stopped there. The fifth and final dungeon in the realm of Rigomor, Titan's Grotto, is now available to players.

Elsword Wraps Up Character Reboot Series and Launches Two New Dungeons

Elsword is wrapping up its Character Reboot series while launching two new dungeons.

Elsword Players Introduced to Laby, a New Playable Character

Today's a big day for Elsword players with the arrival of Laby, a new playable character. She is considered "one of Elsword's most highly anticipated characters" due to her "dynamic and explosive, in-your-face brawler" style of combat.

KOG Games Launches Elsword's Final Varnimyr Dungeon

Elsword players will now finally come to the conclusion of the Varnimyr Dungeon series with the release of Shadow Vein. The El Search Party is hot on the trail of fresh new adventures in Varnimyr and Shadow Vein should provide a challenging opportunity.

Two New Dungeons Added to the Demon Realm

KOG Games has sent word that a pair of new dungeons have been added to Elsword, both located within the Demon Realm. The update also features the new "Adaptability" stat that is only found in the Demon Realm. In addition, the Mystic Enchant System provides a way for end game players to make their gear stronger.

7th Anniversary Kicks Off with Events, Prizes & the NA 1v1 Tournament

KOG Games is ready to party in celebration of the Elsword seventh anniversary. Drabaki will be heading back into the game but will only be available in the Drabaki dungeon through May 15th. Players can also register for the North american 1v1 tournament today and take part in the action from May 9th to May 17th.

3rd Job Third Path Update Arrives & Marks the REturn of the Masters of Darkness

KOG Games has announced that the latest patch has been deployed to Elsword that brings three brand new Job classes for at least three Paths for every playable character in the game. "Each of the Elsword characters have at least three Job paths. Each of these paths now has three Jobs (like character classes). Choices players make along the Paths determine the lore and how the character plays. This update "represents the doom, gloom and delectably sinister side of these characters".

Prepare for the 3rd Job in New Event

From now through December 19th, Elsword players can take part in a special event to prepare their characters for the imminent arrival of the 3rd Job for each. During the event, players from levels 15-98 will only need half experience to reach the next level. In addition, weapons will be enhanced. It's prudent to choose which characters wisely, however, since only two characters (new or existing) can be used during the event. 3rd Jobs are set to launch on December 20th.