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Elsword Articles

Elsword's New 'Pruinaum' Region Introduces Two Dungeons

Elsword has received a new region called Pruinaum in its latest, bringing with it a brace of dungeons as it puts players on ice.

Elsword Kicks off Summer with El Search Party Collection, Starting Today

Elsword is kicking off Summer with its El Search Party Collection feature hitting today.

Elsword Receives New Housing Update

F2P MMORPG Elsword has received a new housing feature in a recent update, called El Housing.

Elsword's 9th Anniversary Celebration Event Live Now

Elsword's 9th Anniversary celebration event is live now. Here's the scoop.

Elsword Begins Master Class Update with Laby and Ara

F2P MMORPG Elsword has received an update introducing Master Class for Ara and Laby.

Elsword Master Class Pre-Event and Christmas Event Live Now

The Master Class is coming to Elsword in January, as a Christmas event is set to begin soon.

Eslword Opens its Final Rigomor Dungeon Named "Titan's Grotto"

Anime-MMORPG Elsword has been going through some pretty drastic changes as of late. Rebooting the entire roster of characters of the last few months is hard work, but the development team hasn't stopped there. The fifth and final dungeon in the realm of Rigomor, Titan's Grotto, is now available to players.

Elsword Wraps Up Character Reboot Series and Launches Two New Dungeons

Elsword is wrapping up its Character Reboot series while launching two new dungeons.

Elsword's Character RE:BOOT Is As Ambitious As It Is Massive

Elsword, the anime side-scrolling MMO from KOG Games began to completely reboot its characters last month. The results are massive changes to each character and job in the MMO, an ambitious undertaking from the small team in charge of the title.

Elsword Players Introduced to Laby, a New Playable Character

Today's a big day for Elsword players with the arrival of Laby, a new playable character. She is considered "one of Elsword's most highly anticipated characters" due to her "dynamic and explosive, in-your-face brawler" style of combat.

Elsword the 2D MMO with Real Depth

It’s easy to think at first Elsword is just a button mashing pseudo-mmo but there’s a lot of depth to the game once you get past the early game experience. They do a great job of laying everything out simply and then layering the complexity on top of it, so you learn everything in a way that makes sense and as a result it doesn’t seem all that complex. However, if you were to skip to the end game most people would quickly be in way over their heads.

Elsword Official - The Velder Rock Academy Event Will Rock Your Socks Off

KOG Games has an interesting way of accessing the Velder Academy Concert dungeon during a new event. From now through October 10th, every 10 minutes spent in game will yield two Velder Academy Concert Tickets that grant access to the "dungeon". Once in, players find that Phoru is wreaking havoc on stage and it's up to them to "stop his madness and reap the rewards" by dodging sound wave and taking on the note monsters.

KOG Games Launches Elsword's Final Varnimyr Dungeon

Elsword players will now finally come to the conclusion of the Varnimyr Dungeon series with the release of Shadow Vein. The El Search Party is hot on the trail of fresh new adventures in Varnimyr and Shadow Vein should provide a challenging opportunity.

Varnimyr 2nd Dungeon Update Trailer

Elsword players can check in on two brand new Varnimyr dungeons. Varnimyr is the home of the Dark Elves and players can face off against some of the game's most formidable foes in Dark Elves' Outpost and Forsaken Spirit Asylum. To show off each, KOG Games has released a brand new trailer.

Two New Dungeons Added to the Demon Realm

KOG Games has sent word that a pair of new dungeons have been added to Elsword, both located within the Demon Realm. The update also features the new "Adaptability" stat that is only found in the Demon Realm. In addition, the Mystic Enchant System provides a way for end game players to make their gear stronger.