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ELOA: Elite Lord of Alliance Articles

Game&Game Announces Closure - Second Time Was No Charm

The second chance at a new life works out for many games but not for Elite Lord of Alliance (ELOA), it seems. According to a a brief post from Game&Game, the beleaguered game will experience its second death on August 11th. There are no reasons given, though it can be safely assumed that the game did not attract a viable community. This most recent version of the game launched in November 2016 after it was shut down by Webzen after a year of dismal performance.

New Dungeon & Holiday Cheer Descend

Game&Game is inviting all ELOA: Elite Lords of Alliance players to revisit the game to check out an overhauled dungeon now divided into two parts, Sanctum of Ancient Crystal and Hall of Demolition. In addition, players will be able to take part in ELOA's holiday event with a chance to grab avatars, pets and other fun items.

Set for Resurrection on GamenGame Portal

Npic Soft has announced that it will be bringing back Elite Lord of Alliance, or ELOA, as part of its new gaming portal GamenGame.com. ELOA will re-open later today under the new management structure and interested testers are urged to head to the portal to sign up for test. On completion of closed beta testing, North American, South American and European servers will be opened.

Webzen to Shutter Game in Mid-October

Like stable-mate ASTA, ELOA will be shutting down in mid-December. While the company tried to build a vibrant community, it appears not to have paid off in a way that would keep the game open. From now through the closure date, ELOA players will enjoy increased XP, gold, 24-hour battlefields and more.

Level Cap Increases with Outlaw's Emperor Release

Webzen has announced that the latest update to ELOA has been released that will see the level cap increased to 50. Called Epic 2: Outlaw's Emperor, the new content includes a pair of dungeons and the new Veren Arena. From now through July 12th, players can take part in special in-game events hosted by the ELOA team.

New Raid Dungeon, Lost Temple, Deployed with Latest Patch

Webzen has announced that the v3.2 patch has been deployed on ELOA servers that includes a new raid dungeon called Lost Temple. Players will be able to take part in a new dungeon hunter event from now through February 23rd that can net a neat new costume.

'The Looters' Content Expansion Released

Webzen has announced the release of the latest content expansion to ELOA. Called "The Looters", players will be able to take on the Den of the Looters dungeon with bosses that will challenge skills and tactics. Doing so will yield level 50 unique weapons.

The Smash Expansion....Expands with Part 2

ELOA is expanding again with the second part of The Smash. Part two features a pair of new dungeons, new items and more. In addition, a special dungeon event will run from January 12th through the 19th in order to earn a special costume set for the first three finishers to submit screens proving completion of these dungeons.

First Expansion, 'Part 1', Released

Fans of Webzen's ELOA (Elite Lord of Alliance) will be happy to know that the first content expansion, interestingly named only "Part 1", has been released. Part 1 features an increased level cap, new areas and quests as well as a new dungeon called the Spider Cave.

Elite in Name Only

With the small handful of ARPGMMOs that are beginning to be published for Western audiences you may be tempted to give this game a try. Don’t.

Level Cap Rises + New Zones, Quest, Achievements & Titles

ELOA has been updated with the big news that the level cap has increased from 30 to 35. With the rise in level cap, players 30+ can find new zones, quests, titles, achievements and more to best fit their new power.

Initial Impressions of Webzen's Hack'n'Slash RPG

On November 24 ELOA was officially released. Known in its illegal western format as Inspirit Online, we've been poking around the official Western client from Webzen for a while now. Read on for Rob’s initial impressions of this new "Triple-Action" Hack’n’Slash RPG.

Let's Play - ELOA

ELOA is an anime-inspired triple action hack and slash MMORPG, with familiar Action RPG controls and an isometric view on your character. Players can choose between one of 5 playable classes among 4 races, with each class having access to 3 combat stances. ELOAs unique gameplay revolves around tactically switching between the three stances mid-combat, while each stance offers a different playstyle and purpose. ELOA is set in a vibrant, open world full of PvP battles, quests & dungeon raids. It c

Official Launch Gift Key Giveaway!

To celebrate ELOA's official launch on November 24th, we have teamed up with the ELOA team to give away ELOA Official Launch Gift Keys. This special gift key will give you Server Chats and an Eva's Survivor Pack. Get your free gift key now!

Open Beta Ends, Official Release Date Arrives

Webzen has announced that ELOA, Elite Lord of Alliance, has ended the open beta phase of development and officially entered into full retail release. With today's launch, the in-game shop has arrived packed with cosmetic looks and potions.