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Elite: Dangerous Team Reveals Two New Ships in Beyond - Chapter 4

Two new ships are coming to Elite: Dangerous as part of Beyond - Chapter 4. In a new trailer, both the high-end Mamba and the Krait Phantom are revealed. Both are, according to devs, based on an unreleased racing prototype. "The Mamba brings blistering speed combined with huge firepower". "The Krait Mk II is a lighter, faster ship that features a spacious cargo hold and relatively generous quantity of hardpoints".

Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter 4 Beta to Begin on October 30th

Frontier has announced that the beta for Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter 4 is set to take off beginning October 30th. Once the initial beta launches, more content will be rolled out over the weeks following. Week One will begin with visual improvements, exploration changes, background simulation changes and new scenarios. Week Two will feature mining changes and squadrons. Week Three will be anchored by new ships and the beta will come to a close on Week Four.

Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter Three Comes in for a Landing

Elite: Dangerous has been updated to bring Beyond - Chapter 3 into the game. The new content comes as a free content expansion for PC, PlayStation 4 and XBox One. Players will find "a new ship, a selection of sleek new Guardian Fighters, and some mysterious new Guardian Beacons hidden in the depths of the galaxy".

Beyond - Chapter Two Now Available for PlayStation 4, XBox One and PC

Frontier has announced that Beyond: Chapter 2 has launched for Elite: Dangerous. This is a free update to all players and includes two new ships (Krait MK II and the Alliance Challenger) along with new Wing Missions, installation interactions, new weapons and technology and new places to explore.

Commander Chronicles: Lift-Off - Get Ready for Beyond: Chapter 2!

Frontier has released a new cinematic short for Elite Dangerous called "Commander Chronicles: Lift-Off". It is a lead in to Beyond: Chapter 2 that will be seeing the light of day beginning June 28th.

Beyond - Chapter Two Release Date Announcement

Frontier has released a brand new trailer to announce that Elite: Dangerous - Beyond Chapter Two will be released on June 28th. Beyond Chapter 2 is a free content expansion and will be available for PC, PlayStation 4 and XBox One.

Trading & Engineering Bonus Weekend Begins, Runs Through May 30th

Starting today, Elite: Dangerous players will enjoy a "booming bank holiday" with increased trading profits and engineers will find reduced material costs when using engineering recipes.

Frontier Announces End of Mac Support

The Elite: Dangerous site has been updated with a brief note to announce that the game will no longer be supported on Mac gaming systems after the release of the Q4 update. Developers wrote, "Despite our best efforts, we have been unable to bring Elite Dangerous Horizons to Mac since launch due to technical barriers."

Beyond - Chapter One Coming February 27th

Frontier has announced that Elite: Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter One will be headed out the gate on February 27th. Players will be able to pilot the new Chieftain ship, as well as "dabble with the Tech Broker and Material Trader and discover all-new improvements to Trade Date, Crime & Punishment and Megaship interactions".

Videos Recap Recent 'Beyond: Chapter One' Livestream Events

Since the announcement earlier this week of the next season of Elite: Dangerous, the Frontier team took to the airwaves in a pair of live stream events to introduce players to Beyond: Chapter One. The team took it one step further and provided both a video replay of the events as well as a written recap for each on Steam.

Beyond - Chapter One to Enter Open Beta for PC / Mac Players, Brings Co-Op Missions

If you're a PC or Mac player of Elite: Dangerous, you will definitely want pencil in time to play starting January 25th. Beyond: Chapter One will enter open beta and will allow you to take part in Wing Missions, check out the new graphics upgrades and the Galnet Audio as well as see new trade data. This is the first of season three's updates.

A Recognizable Threat – Creating the Thargoid Menace

Back at the beginning of 2017, the first evidence of an alien race was discovered as an unsuspecting commander was dragged out of Witch Space by the aliens. The Thargoids have since evolved from an won't series of distractions into the central narrative force in Elite Dangerous.

Elite Dangerous Beyond - If the Thargoids Don't Get Us, 2018 Looks Incredible

Players in Elite Dangerous are facing an almighty alien threat right now. While the rest of us bask in the relative safety of Earth, the combined commanders of the Alliance and Federation are sizing up an impending Thargoid threat. The launch of the Horizon’s update brought a whole host of new content to Frontiers headline title, and there’s even more to come in 2018.

Everything Coming to Commanders in 2018

The impending threat of alien invasion, or maybe just utter annihilation, looms heavy on the horizon for players of Elite Dangerous. The Thargoids came back to the fore this year and during the keynote speech at Frontier Expo 2017, we found out that this is just the start of the action.

An Ancient Enemy Reappears with the Thargoids Return

Elite Dangerous: Horizons 2.4 has arrived. Called "The Return", the new content brings back an iconic enemy from the earliest days of Elite: Dangerous. The Thargoids is humanity's dreaded foe and the new update with bring a wealth of lore and story to the game as commanders take the fight to the modern age. Over the coming months, players will have a chance to fight the Thargoid menace as well as work on tactics and technology better suited to taking them out.