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Elite Dangerous Articles

Elite Dangerous January Update Addressing Bugs Live Now

The January update for Elite: Dangerous is finally live, bringing the bug-squashing patch with a bunch of patch notes.

Elite Dangerous January Update Launching January 14

The January update for Elite Dangerous arrives on January 14. Here's what's included.

Elite Dangerous Set to Receive Massive Bug-Fixing Update In January

Elite Dangerous is set to receive an update in January to address longstanding issues and bugs.

Elite Dangerous players have discovered a Ghost Ship Full of People

Someone found a ghost ship in Elite: Dangerous and it's filled with people.

Elite Dangerous Fleet Carriers Delayed to 2020 In Order To Address Existing Issues First

Fleet Carriers, which were set to arrive to Elite Dangerous in December, have been delayed into 2020.

Elite Dangerous Patch Notes Outline Crash Fixes, Interdiction Fixes, More

New Elite: Dangerous patch notes are here, Commander. The patch sees fixes for crashes, various ships, inderdiction, and more.

Elite Dangerous Update Adds New Voiced Introduction, Microtransactions

A new update adds a voiced introduction to Elite Dangerous, along with microtransactions in the form of ARX premium currency.

Elite Dangerous Fleet Carriers Arriving December, New September Update Outlined

In a new press release, Frontier outlines details for their fleet carriers finally arriving to Elite Dangerous this December.

Elite Dangerous Fleet Carriers Coming by Year's End

Elite Dangerous fans gathered over the past weekend and were told about some cool things coming to the game before the year's end. Most notably, players can look forward to Fleet Carriers, mobile bases that can be moved between sectors and used to resupply captains with fuel and weapons. Not much else was said, but developers have promised more information in the coming months.

Elite: Dangerous Rolls Out First-Ever Interstellar Initiative

Frontier has kicked off a new type of activity for Elite: Dangerous players called Interstellar Initiatives. These periodic events will feature narrative arcs that will play out across several phases and that have the potential to alter the galaxy permanently. The first of these events is called "Bridging the Gap".

Elite Dangerous to Receive April Patch with Updated Commander Creation & More

Elite: Dangerous servers will be taken offline on April 23rd for "approximately six hours, though the time could run over" to bring the April Update to commanders everywhere. Players can look forward to improvements across an array of features including the Main Menu and Commander Creation. New features include the Pilots' Federation District, a new "regulated area" designed for new commanders. New modules are also being added as well as improvements in other, smaller, areas.

New Commanders Will Find a Lot to Like in the Next Elite: Dangerous Update

Entering Elite: Dangerous as a new commander can be a daunting experience, but Frontier has plans for that. On April 23rd, a new Beginners' Zone will debut that is considered a training ground of sorts for those just joining up. It can only be accessed by new pilots "until they earn their first Combat, Trade or Exploration rank". Missions will be handed out "that even the smallest of Sidewinders can complete".

Elite Dangerous Devs Heading to 'the Next Era' but Not Until Late 2020

Elite Dangerous will be getting another expansion, the third in the game's history, but not until late 2020. Pilots need not despair, however, as there will be smaller updates throughout the time between now and then. The expansion is considered "the next major era of Elite" and that it "will be a defining moment in the history of the game. Developers further write that it will be the biggest update since launch in 2014.

Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter Four Launch Trailer

Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter 4 is now live for PC, PlayStation 4 and XBox One. This free update is the biggest one in 2018 and features an entirely new "discovery system" that allows players to explore the universe in new ways. In addition, players will find new asteroid mining techniques a pair of new ships, new multiplayer features and improvements to the lighting system.

Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter Four Coming December 11th

Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter 4 has officially left its beta phase behind and is ready to roll starting December 11th. The announcement from Frontier Developments came along with a brand new trailer to show off some of the big features that will be part of the content update.